Reggie Chaney


Do you guys still feel pretty good about our chances with him? I sure think he fits what we need. He would round out this class with many of our needs very much filled! ghg

He has now taken three official visits with two left as of last report.

I’m calling both him and his coach this week.

Thanks, DD! We need him badly! ghg

I think he has only one OV left now. To TCU.

Did they get Archie the SF, PJ?

Yes. Kaden is more of a wing.

Yes sir! Momentum scares me though! Think MA has some of his own though. Are Phillips and Chaney close? ghg

They’ve known one another for awhile yes.

Remember they are both from Texas.

Chaney is from Frisco, Phillips from Arlington

Scotty Thurman is about to make a connecting flight to Vegas to see Reggie today.

Thanks, DD and RD! Nice to land our plan A guys these days! :smiley:

He’s expected to get back home from TCU this evening. Will probably wait until tomorrow before reaching out to him.

Any news on Chaney yet?

No. Just traded a few texts and got his this week or next week for a decision. Not sure he;s going to do much talking until he decides, but working on it.

Thank you.
I hope the coaches are able to do a in home visit.

Remember he’s in Vegas and his dad is in Texas.

Richard, were you really awake at 2:42 am?

Yes. One of those nights you don’t get sleepy.

Hey, that’s dedication.

He sent me a “Up?” text around 1:05 a.m.

Usually I am lost in a Forensics Files, Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode at that time, but turned in early last night (around 12:30 a.m.)

Richard, Jimmy and I are night owls.

Clay and Matt not so much.