Reggie Chaney

I was intrigued but after reading what CMA and Daniel Gafford said about him in Scottie’s updates I am down right excited to watch that young man play!

Going to be a STUD. Best PF we have had since Powell and likely a better defender than that dude ever was.

I thought Bobby Portis was pretty good.

I just listened to interview, CMA is really high on Chaney, he doesn’t too often say that someone is going to have a tremendous career here, he usually tempers exceptions, that really say something that he’s that confident in Chaney.

Are you saying Chaney is Portis good or making fun that I left out Portis? Not really sure if he was a PF here. Either way I’ll take another Portis! What is your take on Chaney DD?

I considered Bobby Portis a PF.

As I have noted often, I think Chaney is the answer at PF after a stretch of just a few good ones since around 2000

So what does CMA do with this lineup? Still three guards, or are bigger players going to go at the three? Is Bailey still an undersized four? Does he rotate with Chaney?

I can’t wait to see three point guards on court at the same time + the two bigs.

I wrote in one thread last week I think they’ll go with three guards and slide Embery or Jones into the 3 spot. I like the idea of their build there. Embery could easily play the 2 as well. May see Bailey and Chaney rotate at the 4. If we’d have seen them scrimmage at all yesterday I could paint a better picture of a lineup, but we didn’t. May have to wait for the Red-White game for that.

I think one of the roles of 2 in Mike’s system is when they are not fast breaking, 2 helps 1 bring the ball up the court. I still think if Harris, Joe and Embery are the 3 guards on the court, it will be Embery that helps Harris. We will see.

This is one of the reasons I was so high on Jordan Phillips, at 6’7, he has the size, length, and athleticism to play the three, but he is primarily a guard, who can bring the ball up and facilitate. Maybe not as good as Harris, but he can take some of the pressure of the 1’s and 2’s while he’s on court. Disappointed that the kid is still having issues that’ll keep him out another month and a half. Hopefully, he will come back and be 100%

Just from listening to the interviews, hearsay on pick-up game reports, and listening to CMA. As of right now assuming Garland doesn’t get cleared and Phillips is not ready to start the season I think they’ll go with a 9-man rotation to start out.

G - Harris
G - Joe
G - Jones
F - Bailey
F - Gafford

G - Embery
G - Sills
F - Gabe
F - Chaney (think he plays starter like minutes and closes most of the games alongside Gafford)

I think Henderson will be used situational and see some minutes if some of the other forwards get in foul trouble, but I still think he’s a bit away from being able to contribute, he’s gotta add weight and get stronger, CMA kinda confirmed that at the press conference referencing him just now starting to hold his own and was getting pushed around a lot before. Ibby, I think won’t play much at all this season, from everything I’ve heard he’s the project we thought he was and he’s going to be a while before he’s ready to contribute. I’m hoping Phillips won’t miss much, I actually thought before his injury he would be a guy that would compete for a starting spot. Once he’s back I think we’ll have a solid 10-man rotation.

Absolutely. I had mentioned before that Mike will play a 3 guard lineup as long as a true small forward/guard like Jordan is not available.

Comments: actually he played both positions for Mike and was drafted as a PF to the Bulls…For me personally until I see Chaney play at this next level I like Powell not ignoring Portis play and going in the NBA - first round

At 6-5/207 Mason Jones is a legit wing in college basketball these days. He’s bigger than any third guard that CMA has played since Qualls. With Joe at 6-5 as well we won’t be small on the perimeter this season.

Joe could use a few more biscuits.

True, but he has the length to reach across the table to get them. It will cost him on switches to forwards, but we will hopefully contest on the perimeter better than we have in a while.

For Dudley or RD
How does Reggie Chaney’s game compare to Reggie Perry’s?

That’s a good question, RazorAg, if you’re on maybe you can answer as well?

I would say that Reggie Perry’s all-around game is more defined - one of the factors in Perry being ranked considerably higher.

Perry is 2-3 inches taller.

Chaney is more of a rugged guy inside than Perry.

Perry has better range, is a better ball handler, longer and overall better skills.

Chaney is more physical, more athletic and offensively will do most of his damage around the paint.