Reggie Chaney

What can be expected from him next year ? I know coach wanted him pretty bad after loosing on Perry but will he help next year or is he more of a project?

He is more talented than the three we are playing right now. Need gafford back next year to break him in smoother.

In my opinion Chaney has the scoring and defense that can be compared to Corliss’.
He can make the shot with moves to attack the rim! As others have mentioned with Gafford and Chaney on the floor their won’t be a let down on offense or defense.

This was what I was thinking on our discussion about lineups next year. I have no doubt Chaney can be the starter by conference play next year. Him and Gafford will be a legitimate low post presence. However, don’t sleep on Henderson or Phillips. Phillips has the size 6’7 to go down low and help, but he also has the ability to play the 1-3. I would like to see at least once next year the lineup of Khalil, Jones, Phillips, Chaney, and Gafford (Everyone 6’5 and above) length and scoring.

It’s sucks to lose out on Reggie Perry but I will say that it appears having 4 years of Reggie Chaney will not be a bad consolation prize.

I like Chaney but that’s a pretty lofty comparison.
Corliss was one of the Top 2-3 players, overall, in his class and was a 2-time AA.

Many people compare him to Corliss. He isn’t as good as Corliss, but very similar nose for the ball down low

3 years of Chaney

If he is half the player Corliss was he will be good. With Corliss you had a guarantee when you threw him the ball. Man among boys. Don’t think they will make another like him, but always hope.

Comments: Corliss I believe his true height 6’6 with broad shoulders in college once he sealed his man it was automatic, somewhat different experience in the NBA…I believe if he was playing today in the NBA he would have developed mid-range to long jumper

I believe Reggie will be a solid contributor next year - especially with Thomas and Cook graduating.

If Corliss was 6-10, he would have had a Hall of Fame career. But he was the man in college and still is a great person. One of the best Razorbacks of all time.

How big is Chaney now?

They say 6’8 230.

Translation: 6’6 5/8 220+.

You’re forgetting the shoes

He’s closer to 6’8 than 6’6 and could easily hold and 10lbs to his already thick build.

I still believe Ceaser may be a option in the offseason.