Reggie Chaney to announce tonight

And… ?

He’s announcing tomorrow around 11 am his time.

Wow ! I already have a tough time going to sleep. This won’t help.


What’s the deal? They are saying on twitter that Dudley said he committed to Hogs then deleted.

It was out on here earlier that he would make his announcement tonight our time between 10 and 11. Then I come back and looked and that changed to 11am his time.

U can’t do us that way duds

I had two tweets ready to go. Obviously hit the wrong one and then had to take it back down

It should be around 11 a.m-noon . his time, so 1-2 p.m. CST

Hmmmmm, that’s interesting

This is weird :?

Well it’s getting close to that time.

Really tho? :roll:

It’s just after noon where he is at

Well do you have your story ready?

Will probably be in an hour or so.

What’s the deal??

He’s with his team right now. Should be shortly.


:shock: :sunglasses: