Reggie Chaney stats at GEICO High School Nationals.

Findlay Prep defeated La Lumiere 66-54 on Friday:

Chaney scored 16. … 011415&r=7

He had 15 in a 71-53 loss today: … 868755&r=7

i watched most of the game today. Chaney is going to play a lot of minutes for us next year. He plays with a lot of energy and will be a welcome addition attacking the offensive glass and running the floor. Needs work on his shot/foul shooting and on footwork on defense, but the physical ability/aggression are there.

And, he is going to think he died and went to Heaven playing with DG. Not to knock either young man but the truth is that neither Bol Bol nor Connor Vanover appears, at this point, capable of doing 30% of what Daniel has already done for a year at the Power 5 level. They may indeed improve mightily, but right now they both look like they have been playing the game for only a year or two. Reggie spends a lot of his court time working to clean up their messes, and does it beautifully with tremendous effort and awareness. I will say that both of those bigs appear to be very athletic, they just don’t have the experience and teaching yet.

I am looking forward big-time to seeing DG and RC on the court together.

It was a disappointing effort from Bol. He is #4 rated player in the 2018 class. They say he is the most skilled 7-3 player in a long while. He may still grow because his daddy Manute is 7-7. He looked a lot better in the McDonalds game. They say that game and along with all the festivities around it wore him down and he did not have his heart in this tournament.

Incidentally boxer Roy Jones had his son on the Findlay team. And head coach Paul Washington’s son PJ got a lot of rebounds for Kentucky at BWA this year.

I was wrong about Bol and McAA game. I must have been looking at someone else that looked like Bol. Bol was not able get any action at that game. Apparently he has not practiced for two weeks prior to this tournament.

I’m glad you said that because I did not hear it the way you originally said, and sure did not want to be questioning people a lot more knowledgeable than I.

If Big G is only here one more year, we better have eyes on a replacement to fill the slot when he is gone. Someone that is only 30% for that slot does not cut it. I realize we may not find someone that is 100% or better. What are our options? How close can we get as a replacement? If the team does real well next year will that help us attract a really good big man to replace him?