Reggie Chaney set to announce Friday night at...

8 or 9 his time.

That’s 10 or 11 CST

Arkansas, TCU, Texas A&M

Tonight, or next Friday?

Sorry, should have read the post just below.

Let’s go Hogs. We need some good news after that exhibition game tonight lol.

Blu do you have any idea why Darius and Dustin did not dress out ?

Coach Anderson just said they held Hall out because he bumped heads with another player and wasn’t feeling good afterwards. So, I’m assuming it’s a concussion protocol, and he’ll be back for then next game.

Dustin Thomas is suspended for the exhibition games and possibly the first 3 regular season games for violation of team rules. And Arlando Cook is still suspended.

So, the 2 guys in Cook and Thomas who probably needed to have the best off-season because of inconsistency last year ends up being the guys in trouble. They basically handed Adrio Bailey the starting 4 position. It’s going to be rough these next few weeks being shorthanded.

Yes for sure!
And you are right Dustin Thomas and Arlando Cook need the reps. It will be tough. Darius I hope he’s fine.

What was the deal with that performance? I have to assume without seeing the game that it was our poor defense rearing its head again. We can’t shut down central Oklahoma high? Wow. What were those terrible defensive statistics rankings last year. Time to revisit that story.

Arkansas played well at times - jumping out to a 22-10 lead - before getting disinterested and letting Central Oklahoma get back to within 28-26.

Led 45-31 before taking 45-35 lead into halftime.

Roared out of the locker room after halftime, scored the first seven points and eventually went up 58-41 before getting disinterested again.

Did not press much at all because of only having the 8 players.

They certainly were sluggish at times and could have played better, but I don’t think it is indicative of who or what they will be.