Reggie Chaney on ESPNU today at 1 p.m. CST... … la-lumiere

I know that if there are transfers, then we would probably look for a big man. But I sure like TJ Moss who plays with Reggie. I think he was interested in the Hogs in the past and AFAIK he hasn’t committed anywhere. Is he on the radar at all?

At last report he was looking at is Arizona State, South Carolina, Memphis, VCU, and New Mexico.

I have not heard him mentioned with Arkansas. I doubt they would add another freshman, especially a guard.

Counting Khalil Garland, they would have seven freshmen next season already.

Honest opinion on Garland, do you think the University will ever clear him? It seems that in this day and age that the liability would be too much.

I had just created a thread in the basketball forum, completely missed this one.

Reggie Chaney ended up with 16 and 4. Got player of the game. Really plays hard and physical. Love his game.

Really the second time I’ve seen him. I know several have compared him to similar to Corliss (me included), but I thought I was seeing Marshawn Powell. Not that that is a bad thing

Marshawn is actually a really good compassion now that you mention it. Although I think Reggie has more of a motor than Powell and more athletic. Chaney has some nasty dunks that I’m not sure Powell could pull off.

With HIPPA and all those things, I have gone as far as I feel comfortable in talking about his situation.

But truthfully, no one knows yet.

A big difference is that Marshawn could shoot a three.

Chaney reminds me some of Paul Millsap at the same stage - a nice combo of quickness, power, and motor.

I can see that.