Reggie Chaney next year

While some are bemoaning how does this team survives next year without Gafford and who can Mike bring in into replace him, Mike is quietly grooming Reggie to be the next starter at the 5. He clearly sees Reggie as a 5 and not a 4.

I feel pretty good with Reggie as the starter at 5 next year. He is a tall 6-9, has great timing on blocking shots, you cannot push him off the blocks like you can push Gafford off, runs the floor well, finishes well around the basket, and does have a 10 to 12 feet jump shot in him. He has everything except the handle. That is the profile of a 5. I can see a Chris Silva in him.

All we need now is to make sure he does not transfer because of not getting 20 minutes a game this year.

Reggie is not “a tall” 6-9. He is 6-7 listed as 6-8. He is not an SEC 5.

I do like his long term potential, but have you ever seen him score where it wasn’t a wide open layup or dunk? He can get by any big off the bounce, but he doesn’t have any sort of post moves. No up and unders, no hook or turnaround jumper.

He has a long way to go offensively.

I like Chaney’s future- a lot. But we need two more bangers inside, including somebody who can play post defense and somebody who can score on something besides put backs and hustle plays. Gabe and Adrio think they have a lot more offensive game than they really possess, and neither can defend the post consistently. Those two guys do bring a lot of hustle and do some good things defensively-like drawing charges, but we need more talent at the 4-5.

Good points, Chaney could really improve and be a hoss…he has the upside to be really good. He has not progressed like I thought he might this year, but he is a 4, not a 5. We don’t have a 5 after Gafford leaves.

Dudley or Richard, what do you think about some guys who might help us on the front line next year? We gotta get some help. We need a couple of guys who can get on the glass consistently and play tough inside.

You’re right on the money PJ, I’ve been telling people this since we signed him, everybody keeps saying he’s a 4 though.

CMA plays him like he played Trey Thompson, which is primarily at 5, but in bigger lineups he puts him in at the 4. He’s like 6-7-6’8 222 right now. It wouldn’t surprise me if he came back next year around 6’9 around 230ish. You can tell he’s still growing and can add more muscle. People forget Kingsley was only around 6’8 his freshman year, he grew about an inch and a half. And Chaney is bigger physically and more athletic.

I think starters next year will be

  1. Chaney
  2. Gabe
  3. Jones
  4. Joe
  5. Harris

I agree, but it’s not like we are going out on a limb with those picks :wink:

Why is it we are always talking about next year and it seems Hogs are always a year away? By the way, yesterday was the first time in a while that I thought the Hogs looked like the “fastest 40” and it was when Gafford was out. He just clogs up the middle plus players are so busy looking for him their natural ability is stifeled. I was impressed with the way the Hogs pressured and pushed the bell up the floor. The only problem is they are not used to doing it so hogs are the one that ran out of gas. Gafford was pretty much a liability the last 8 minutes of the game.

He is the same size as Grant Williams and just as athletic. I’d love to have a post player like Grant Williams. Now, can he improve his footwork, and post moves like Grant has? I don’t know, but he’s a “man” as a freshman and I like his chances.

I think he’s taller. I think Grant is thicker.

He has to work very hard on his shot and ball-handling cuz right now he can’t make anything other than right around the goal needs to be able to get that 10 to 12 ft shot down consistently and develop some post moves he’s very athletic the right now very raw offensively

I’d like to see him develop the 3. Several times this year, I’ve seen him, Gabe, Bailey, or Gafford come out and get the ball and wait for a guard to come to them for a pass. Their guy backs off clogging up passing lanes. If they could all develop a consistent outside shot, I think it would give our guards more room to operate.

That’s why I haven’t been losing my mind (like some) when Gabe shoots the 3 ball. I think it benefits the team, especially if he can hit. Would like to see all four of our guys (and Henderson for that matter) develop a shot from midrange to deep.

I’d also like to see Joe get better at creating his own shot. That also could be a real difference maker (even though the last few games, he’s shown signs of it)

Great observation. I thought the same thing. Like we just look like a quicker team offensively and defensively when we’re a bit smaller without Gafford. Plus we can legit switch 1-5 when Chaney is at the 5, because he can guard their guards.

With that said, Gafford is a great player and wouldn’t trade him for anyone. But, we did play faster and looked more like the fastest forty when guys just played free and wasn’t worried about having to feed Gafford down low.

It is not about what he is right now. It is about what he could be next year. I am projecting his natural progression. Silva did not have many post moves even in his sophomore year.

He has not been in the game long enough to get into a rhythm for a jump shot. He did make one in Little Rock against UTSA. Looked smooth. I know that is an extremely small sample, but since you asked if I had seen him score other ways than layup or dunk.

On the floor, Chaney looks taller than Gabe and a bit below Gafford. If he is 6-7, I hate to look at heights of the rest of the roster, including Gafford. We may have one short team.

He does not have a handle to be 4. So, if he is not a SEC 5, what is he? A bust?

Reggie is a legit 6-8.

Not 6-7, not 6-9.

What we have to do is continue to add skilled players that are 6’9" or taller. Looking at the list of players we are targeting, it continues to be guard heavy for 2020 with a smattering of big guys. For 2019, there are no guards listed, but I don’t know whether the bigs are really likely to sign. We need some big men if we are going to compete. Oh, and I like Chaney. I think he will be a good one from here on out. He plays with passion, just needs experience.

I hope he is not our 5 next year. Gotta hope Mike can find a Juco player here. While I think he a good rebounder and defender, I have not seen anything from him offensively that gives me confidence. He can dunk but idk where some of you are seeing him finish well. I’ve seen turnovers and missed layups and lack of shooting ability.

Agree unless he develops into a Grant Williams type

If this is the starting lineup next year Mike loses his job 🤦‍♀️