Reggie Chaney immediately eligible at Houston

Chaney has been granted a waiver by the NCAA:

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That is awesome for him. Really glad to see him eligible quickly.


I’m happy Chaney can benefit from this and get 2 years, but I’m totally baffled by why the NCAA grants waivers for some and not for others.

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Why was he granted immediate eligibility? Did he have a valid reason?

My guess is if everyone is getting a extra year of eligibility anyway…why not just pass that along to transfers.

That would certainly cover the part of getting 2 years, but that should not effect the “imediate eligibility”. Generally that happens if there is some strong reason the player had to leave. Something like a coaching change or some reason to be closer to home, etc. But having played a year under Muss kills the coaching angle, and no way Houston is closer to home that Fayetteville for a Tulsa Native.

Will be interesting to see if Jalen Harris gets immediate eligibility at Georgetown.

Now with all that being said, I am pretty sure Arkansas tends to be very supportive with the process and paperwork for its departing athletes, so I have to wonder if that goes a long way in helping them get quick eligibility. And if so, does that mean places like Cal / Vanover were not cooperative?

Still just totally confused on how the NCAA decides to grant or deny these request. It seem as logical as just tossing a coin or rolling the dice.

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The NCAA is a joke! With waivers and infractions.

This tweet by Jon Rothstein tells about what is going on with waivers this year. Maybe it is the pandemic, but I remember reading that there have been only 3 rejects so far.