Reggie Chaney and Josh LeBlanc

have been confirmed for this week’s Recruiting Thursday.

Another young man has agreed to come on. His name will be revealed tomorrow.

Hog commit Maureese Wren will be on Recruiting Thursday at 7. He’s the one that was going to be revealed.

what’s your feeling on Josh Leblanc think we make his top 3?

Gut good, but I’ll do some checking before he comes on the show and see what I can learn.

Here’s the lineup:

7- Maureese Wren

715- Josh LeBlanc

730- Reggie Chaney

745- Kaden Archie

Airs from 7 to 8 p.m. on 92.1 FM in Fayetteville; 93.7 FM in Little Rock; 95.3 FM in Fort Smith; 96.3 FM in Hot Springs; 104.3 FM in Harrison/Mountain Home; and 106.9 FM in Arkadelphia.

If baseball is on 92.1 FM, the show can be heard on 1590 am.

I am impressed with the defensive awards that Josh is getting. Perfect fit for Mike’s system. I tweeted that and Josh liked it and retweeted it. Hope it means something.

I wasn’t able to catch Recruiting Thursday. Is there a podcast anywhere or can someone give a summary of what was said?