Reggie Chaney and Jordan Phillips post-visit tidbits...

Have talked to them both now post-visit.

Both will be taking more visits as expected and also confirmed their intention to sign in the early period.

Phillips will visit Georgetown and Virginia Tech the next two weekends.

Kid has a great personality and you can tell he had a great visit.

Chaney will visit Texas A&M (Sept 29-Oct. 1), Wichita State (Oct. 13-15) and TCU (Oct. 20-22)

Both thought the Embery pick up for Arkansas was big, know of him and are interested in playing with him.

Chaney is more soft-spoken than Phillips, but made it clear how big Arkansas is in the picture for him.

Looks like they both may be a legit 6’8, if Scotty Thurman is indeed 6’6. In this picture Chaney is standing right beside Thurman and is clearly at least 2 inches taller than him, and Phillips is the exact same height as Chaney with his hair.

I think Chaney may be a little taller. Look at Phillips and Thurman, their legs are close, Chaney is standing at (what we call in the military) parade rest, meaning his legs are at least shoulder width apart (yes his arms aren’t behind his back so it is not actually parade rest, cause I know someone will try to be a smart alleck). He is probably at least an inch taller than the pic seems to indicate. Maybe he’s closer to 6’9

You’re absolutely right. Didn’t notice that the first time.

Also, some more Chaney and Phillips news… Otis Kirk just made a crystal ball prediction for Phillips to Arkansas. Kirk, is the Arkansas guy for 247, he usually doesn’t make crystal ball projections for recruits to Arkansas unless he’s heard something or has a good feeling. … redictions

Just got around to watching some footage on Chaney. Really nimble for a 6’8 with some better than average hops. Puts the ball on the deck and drives hard to the rim with his right hand.

Close with him and Phillips would make for an OUTSTANDING class.

Don’t know if you saw my comments on Dudley’s post about Phillips yesterday, but Phillips referred to WE (him as a Razorback) trying to get Chaney. Dudley said it wasn’t a misprint, he did indeed say it.

Him being compared to Bobby Portis (by CMA) has me excited. Having Chaney and Gafford down low has me excited, and with the length 6’3 - 6’7 on the perimeter, is a very long, and athletic team. When we go from having 6 ft as the smallest to 6’3 that to me is a plus. (For ex: we have a chance at PG 6’5, SG 6’6, SF 6’7, PF 6’8/6’9, C 6’11).

After standing next to them, Chaney being listed at 6-8 is about right to me and as is Phillips being 6-7 is about right. They might ending up being a little less or more but not much.

As I’ve said numerous times, a kid can go to three different camps or combines and be measured three different heights.

Alright RD, I’m gonna show my ignorance, who is the guy with the cap, in the lower right picture?

Beven doing this for a long time: Phillips is 6-5 to 6-6 and Chaney is an inch tall bare foot.

Reggie’s Dad.

That would make Scotty Thurman 6’3-6’4 looking at the photo…

That’s Nolan! Man it’s nice to see him around the program.

At this point in his life I bet Scotty is just about 6-3 or 6-4. I realize that the players may get measured in shoes and then rounded up, but I don’t think either is over 6-7.

That is fine - that is what happens to virtually every recruit.

Thurman was 6-4 1/2 going into the draft barefoot.

So 6’5 with shoes? He’s wearing shoes in the photo

Nolan’s trimmed down & looks healthy