Reggie and The Hawks Vs.........

Joe and the Average Joes. Compare and contrast. It appears to me that Reggie Perry is , hands down, the headliner and only true star in the 2018 recruiting class. He’s got a nice supporting cast, but I don’t see any of the others taking their game to the NBA. Likewise, the great Joe Johnson was in a class by himself in the 1999 recruiting class. That class included Blake Eddins, Charles Tatum, Alonzo Lane, Carl Baker and Larry Satchell. As good as Perry appears to be, I’m not sure that he will ever be as good as Joe Johnson. Hopefully, that is off set by the fact that he plays two FULL seasons for us. As for the supporting casts, I would give the Hawks a slight edge over the Average Joes due mainly to Isiah Joe’s potential to be a second scorer.

Slight edge?

I don’t agree.

Perry is, of course, fabulous.

Joe is a fantastic - not just a 3-point shooter, but a guy with a game that also attacks the rim and has a mid-range game.

Henderson has his moments when he is dominant, others when he defers or disappears. That happens far more in high school than on the AAU circuit.

Sills is Beck-ish. Winner.

Justice is simply a true point guard with great vision .

I don’t see IJ attacking the rim that much in college. He does not appear to have rim attacking hops. Great shooter and good all around player though. I like his long arms and ability to get deflections. I’m not quite ready to put Sills in the same category as Beck. but I’m hoping to be persuaded otherwise. At this point I’m not convinced that Henderson is any better than Carl Baker. Time will tell. Unless Justice comes in with these guys, I don’t count him as part of this class.

Dilibe is that you?

If Daryl Macon can attack the basket in college I don’t see why Isaiah can’t. He attacked the basket quite often and successfully last summer. Most of the time it was during transition, but he can and will in a half court if the opportunity presents itself.

I’m not the one to answer. That, of course, won’t stop me from talking out my butt, but I don’t remember any buzz about the non-Joe class. Eddins was signed well into the summer, as I recall. Lane was undersized for his position. Satchell had little offense skill. 247 has our current class #1. It’s not going to stay there, but I don’t believe the 2001 class, even with Joe, would at any point have been ranked anywhere near #1.

Reggie and Joe were ranked about the same, both around 25th in the nation.

Henderson is ranked the No. 79 player by 247, Sills 116 and Joe 146. Henderson and Joe are 4 stars, according to ESPN. None of the other 1999 signees were top-100 prospects. I could be wrong, but looking back at an old media guide, it doesn’t appear any were thought of on the level of the 2018 guys.

Carl Baker’s best season was 5.2 points and 4 rebounds while shooting 37 percent. Alonzo Lane averaged 7.9 and 4.1 as a freshman, but never bettered those numbers. Satchell never averaged more than 4 points or 4 rebounds. Eddins’ best year was 3.9 and 1.6. Tatum averaged 5.7 as a sophomore and was never better than 3.4 the other 3 while shooting 34.9 percent from the floor.

So it would be a pretty huge disappointment if the rest of the 2018 class wasn’t better than the 1999 version.

I haven’t seen these guys as much as Dudley/Richard or some of you, but I watch pretty much every clip and have seen a few live…

Joe’s shooting, length and feel for the game make you feel like he will be a productive player with a solid floor.

Sills strikes me as the type of player who may never put up huge offensive numbers, but someone who can be a great glue guy who does the little things like buy into defense and play with a high motor.

Henderson is a wildcard. His athleticism at that size makes him worth taking, in my mind, even if he is inconsistent and raw at this point.

Obviously Justice isn’t a part of this class at the moment, but who knows what happens. Love his handle and vision. You’d like to see him grow a few more inches.

I think Reggie will be like Joe in that he will play at least 2 years in college. Don’t think he will be a one-and-done, but his game is so, so smooth. Love his versatility. No shocker, but I’ve heard he is starting to hear from some heavy hitters as he continues to play so well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Gafford and Perry go out together after Perry’s freshman season.

That’d be great for Arkansas if they were able to do that and both get drafted.

No I still have the same username, but I am really close to the situation in that I talk to their AAU coach alot. I definitely am impresses with Reggie, Isiah could benifit from putting on some weight and I think he will blossom next year , same as Daryl did his senior year. But what made daryl , daryl was the 2 years in Juco. Desi is in athletic but short. So I dont know about him??? i think Justice is good but overrated a bit. He is cat quick and has good handles . He has time to improve. I am disappointed with Ethan, he needs to learn the tools to be a more dominant player. He disappears way to much. He is just long and can jump, but as a 4 or 5 I need to see better rebounding, more blocks on d, and more than just a put back or a breakaway dunk.

Pretty good analysis.

That all seems very fair.

Talked to someone the other day who was also a little lower on Justice than most and he’s seen him more than I have. You’d like to see him grow. But every team in the nation wants guards who set the table for others, which he seems to do at a high level. Love his handles and vision.

You’re right that most of Ethan’s highlight plays are wide-open dunks off dump-offs or in transition. His shot is kind of funky. Really raw, but the athletic ability is tantalizing so you’ve got to think he’s someone Mike and the staff will develop when he gets on campus if he puts the work in.

Ethan put on a good show at the Pagnos camp. I take it your analysis does not take into account Pagnos camp. I expect Ethan to be a dominant player next year. Last year, he deferred too much to Javon Franklin. But he was always more aggressive when he played AAU ball.

My guess is it takes into large acct his high school seasons, which have, in terms of #s and minutes played, not been very impressive.

I watched him in a few AAU games and he dunked everything and was a completely different player. It’s weird.