Regardless of who...

You want, like, or hate.

I think we all can agree this wait is terrible.

We all want to know.

How long do we have to wait?

After Saturday? Do we have that long? Other schools are shooting their shot. Tennessee may be reconsidering SchiaNO.

Any guesses on when we find out?

Well Malzahn, Norvell, and Venables are all involved in conference championship games next Saturday so unless we name someone else this week it looks like we have to wait until next Sunday.

Only 2 are head coaches though.

I believe if it’s Venables we would know this week.

Gus isn’t an option in my head.

Norvell, Sunday.

If Clemson makes the Final Four Dabo won’t let Venables leave until January. He would have to really juggle things for a few weeks. Not sure how effective he would be recruiting for us under that scenario.

Not sure Dabo would have a choice. However, I could also see us agreeing to let him as long as he’s able to recruit for us in the meantime.

Sexton has his Contract in hand from Arkansas…
That’s a fact! If he wins… it’s on to someone else.
Malzahn has not forgotten the calls for his job after LSU.
Had he lost to Bama he’d be our coach today.

And we should believe you because?

UH no that is incorrect

where do you get this info,

magic leaves?

There’s a story on SEC country that states Gus will coach Auburn in 18! Again he is loyal to himself. I don’t trust anything to do with him. If I was in charge I would go hire Brent Venables and if he took the job he would worry about this recruiting class at Arkansas because that’s his job security in recruiting. I don’t think the powers at be on the hill had their oars in the water when they fired CBB. They had a pipe dream !

Because I spoke to my friend today who works with the foundation… Has been a major supporter of Hogs Athletic’s and fundraising for years. I’ve had the opportunity to meet / spend time with CBB in the past through my friend, and other coaches as well. I’m not going to say who my source is for obvious reasons. Now could Gus change his mind if he beats or loses to Georgia? Anything’s possible. But I can say with certainty he was ready to leave over hard feelings from last year and after the LSU loss. If you think politics, power brokers, In fighting, etc., is bad at Arkansas. Auburn Power Ego’s are at a whole different level than what you have to deal with here. Some of you on here are of the opinion that if you don’t post often that somehow you’re a troll or don’t have credible information. In fact, I’ve been part of this board when it was HI and just getting started. Hey, if you’d prefer that I don’t post what I know… Fine!

I agree 100%. Be careful putting your eggs all in one basket. That seems to be the case here. We will see.

The Eggs are not in 1 basket. CBB was going to be let go regardless. Malzahn was Plan A because he was interested in coming home. I would be surprised if we don’t have a coach by next Sunday. I would be shocked if they pull the trigger before then.

Please post. All info is appreciated.

I don’t necessarily doubt what you say, but if its all true, then I assume CH, DD, MJ, would also know this and would already have reported it on this board. If its true, it still doesn’t necessarily mean Gus is our next coach, but is certainly good “reportable” info to know and imo would have already been posted by one of the above named. So…I’m a little skeptical of exactly what you say here.