Regardless of how we've tried to prep ourselves for it, we

all know that it is likely to be a long, sad day for us. Better days lie ahead!

That being said, the Razorbacks are getting a few really good players today.

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That’s correct Dudley! I believe those kids choosing to be Hogs today will be the start of something big!

I like the ones coming. I told someone yesterday that a few good ones would be better than a whole pile of nothing.

the early signing makes anything we get today to be a plus.

Yes sir - more than ever before we have to trust that our Coaches are doing their absolute best!

Give Sam and crew a month, and things will look a lot better. Give them 5 more months to peruse the portal, and things will be fine.

jihawg, you sir are 100% correct!

As noted when the last coach was hired, the early signing day really puts the new coach in a bind. And it isn’t easy for a new coach to get in on those recruits who wait until the traditional signing day.
So much of recruiting is relationship building and it’s obvious that CSP does a great job of that, but there is simply not enough time this year. I’m willing to bet that the next class is much, much better.

SP is gonna have to hit the transfer portal hard, and hope to swoop in on some underevaluated talent for February.

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If your gonna compare, CCM’s 1st class was ranked 49 w 18 commits by 247.

The over all player rating in that class was pretty good though, was higher than CBBs average. Better than the 49 over all shown, but very few players ended up staying or contributing.

That was overall, not just the early signing period.

Morris signed seven early in that first class.

Not all the top recruits will sign today. Hopefully most top SEC schools will fill up thier rosters today and will leave some gems left out there. We’ve managed to steal some SEC talented players like that before.

I have to retract the original thought - I think we had an excellent day considering the circumstances. I believe CSP and his Staff will nail the remainder of the class!!

Looked at the ESPN 300. At least in that lofty setting, ain’t very much left:

5-stars – 3 of 17 unsigned.
Top 25 – 4 unsigned.
26-50 – 2 unsigned
51-75 – 2 unsigned
76-100 – 6 unsigned
101-125 – 4 unsigned including Darin Turner
126-150 – 2 unsigned.
151-200 – 11 unsigned including Marcus Henderson and Ty’Kieast Crawford

So that’s 31 of the top 200 still out there. Several are committed but not signed; no way to know if they might flip or just waiting to sign.

It’s a little better from 201-300; 24 unsigned, again some are committed but unsigned.

Slusher and Toll are our only ESPN 300 signings so far, by the way, at #204 and #268.

As usual you miss the point. Not all the gems are in the coveted ESPN top 300. How many of those 3pp will start in college let alone play pro ball. Not many. There are always diamonds in the rough out thereddit or guys over looked,late bloomers or guys who make thier grades. CSP and the staff have to find them. And after today, I believe they can.

We got 15 spots left. Better get crackin in the portal and late commits. Maybe the late signing day will be better.

Dude, the 300 was just an easy place to start. I wasn’t going to spend hours going through three stars. But a lot of schools essentially finished their signing class today; several signed more than 25 today alone. There’s not going to be much left in the 3-star ranks either.

Besides, I could wait even longer for you to have a point worth considering.

Aloha Jeff,

Thanks for the time and effort to educate us on exactly what’s left on the cupboard. Very slim pickings for sure.


At this point, it’s going to be juco, transfers, and yes we’ll do what we can with high school kids given the slim supply that doesn’t sign this week. I expect to sign maybe 8 more high school kids and the rest of the incoming group will be transfers, either juco or portal. Hopefully we can nab one or two remaining 4 stars and a few 3s but there will undoubtedly be a few we’ll have to coach up.