Regarding the "What would Frank do?" posts elsewhere -----

------ I am having a hard time remembering decisive action by Frank during a crisis with the football team that turned out well. Frank was an elite coach, way ahead of his time in many ways, a genius at hiring the right assistants, and I revere him as a coach, but I am not sure he was as good as an AD. He was good at fund raising for sure, but not so good managing other football coaches. He was very good at being an ABC sports commentator too, but his meddling ran off Hatfield who had just won two SEC championships in a row. It led to the Jack Crowe firing which finally got us to Danny Ford righting the ship for a while. When Danny stumbled, Nutt inherited a championship squad which he had a hard time matching after Ford’s recruits left. I wonder how Tuberville would have done? He couldn’t fix Lou and get him back focused on recruiting and had to fire him. Maybe nobody could fix Lou since he pretty much wore out his welcome at Notre Dame and South Carolina like he did at Arkansas. As great as Frank was overall, I think his handling of the football program as the AD was his least successful work. JMVVVVVVHO

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