Regarding Special Teams

What is his answer why he doesn’t want a qb?

I don’t like the whole NFL argument. One I don’t think that’s true and two this isn’t the NFL

If you’ve read the entire thread, you already have that answer.

Really, I believe this is a bit of an over-reaction we’re seeing in this thread. Now, if we’d had 2 or 3 mishandles by the holder, I’d tend to agree with the lynch mob. But we’ve seen one - in rainy conditions. I’m willing to overlook it unless there are any more such incidents.

Occasionally, holders WILL mishandle a snap. If it’s once every 150 snaps or whatever, you can live with it. If it’s more than once in a season, then you start to worry.

Personally, I’m MUCH more concerned about protecting our punter than I am the placement holder. That’s already cost us 2 TD’s directly.

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Nope I read it. No answer. I agree that punt protection is a bigger priority

Daboar, with apologies to Jackson Brown, I think we may have stumbled into a Fountain of sorrow.
And didn’t our punt team get flagged 2 or 3 times for illegal formation? How does that happen?

I think you have a situation where you were playing in a rain storm. Stuff happens as far as mishandled snaps.

If the optimal position to serve as holder were linebacker or cornerback we’d be screwed right now. We are so out of sorts with those positions there is no way we’d have consistency with the holder.

Holders and kickers have a special relationship. Holders and long-snappers have a special relationship.

Tom Brady may be some anecdotal proof that one QB holds for a kicker (good QB, good team, I get that) but that is not the most common set-up. Fountain brought the most common set-up with him.

Let’s understand ST participation for what it is - a great unknown. They get created in fall camp before the team begins repping for a specific opponent. This year we’ve had a ton of turnover on those teams, sometimes even between the last walk-through and the first time that team enters the field.

The weakness from this perspective: we have over-prepared (thankfully) for injuries at every position for offense and defense…but not special teams. We have not worked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th teamers there and it shows. Plus, it reveals just how shallow the depth of the roster is with veteran players.

So glad we’re able to talk football here now, but this whole debate is ridiculous.

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Actually, they prepared in extreme depth for special teams. I’ve detailed that this summer after an interview with Scott Fountain. He said in the summer workouts (the preseason camp), they worked special teams four deep. That’s much deeper than usual, because of covid-19 worries. Then, once into camp, they continued that and worked every player at two positions on special teams. That’s working four deep and learning two positions four deep. That’s never been done or even close to that in my history of covering college football. FYI, Sam Pittman has mentioned that when he said they have continued to “two spot train” for special teams. That’s in addition to training two deep into the special teams depth chart. Someone close to the program who sees a lot of practices told me they’ve worked harder on special teams than any team he’s been around and he’s not just been at Arkansas.

I’m ready for that to start showing up on the field. It hasn’t in some situations.

Clay, thanks for the clarification. I was not aware of this preparation. That, uh, modifies my assessment quite a bit.

Of course, it’s about game performances and that has been poor in several instances, especially punt team.

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