Regarding Special Teams

What is the logic for not having a backup quarterback hold for extra points and field goals?

Written about and discussed this summer, but the specialists spend an entire day/practice together. Quarterbacks are with the offense most of the day. Punter gets more time and generally has good hands. It is the NFL system and generally works well. It works better with meeting time since the coaches want quarterbacks in the QB meeting and not special teams meeting.

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Why is Jack Lindsey no longer the holder?

Because he is a QB. As Clay detailed above and I wrote about this summer, Scott Fountain wants punters to hold.

Punters use their feet and quarterbacks use their hands. When a snap goes bad, wouldn’t you rather have a QB trying to salvage the play? Then there is the matter of experience. Jack was holding for how many seasons? I’m not impressed with Coach Fountain at this point.

If all things were equal, I’d rather have a receiver as the holder. They have the best hands on the team.

That said, I think you overlook the fact punters have to catch snaps, too, when punting. Their hands have to be good.

I don’t know what the right answer is, but I know what this special teams coordinator prefers.


If my memory is correct, Tom Brady often held for PATs while playing for the Patriots. I think NE has a GOAT of a HC too.


Not saying that isn’t true, but man, while I see the advantages, I would hate to have my all world qb hurt when a guy flew in trying to block a kick and took out the holder.

Years ago when Danny White was the Dallas back up QB, he was also the punter. It was great for possible fake kicks and also saved a roster spot. BUT, once he became the the starting QB, he was no longer the punter. Too much risk of injury was the reason given.

I guess this is a catch 22 who should be the holder. I’ve seen both the backup QB and punters do it.
QB may be more suited if it’s busted play for any reason.
Punter may be more suited for the simple fact most punters are/were kickers to and could be more in tune with ball placement/position for the kicker.

I’m usually more concerned with the long snapper getting the ball to right spot for the punter as well as the holder. It all starts there with consistency.

Could be that (due to COVID) we’re giving QB’s extra snaps in practice.
So they are needed elsewhere while the kickers are working.

As a more positive take on this, I’ll offer the following intellectual acrobatics:

When you make real, wholesale changes to something, you’re going to have to practice, reinforce, and then execute those new skills. In execution, you’re going to find problems and then address them as best as you can.

As bad as special teams have been in terms of lining up, it might just be because we’re trying to make special teams into a real positive for us, a way to separate us from other teams–similar to what Beamer did with Virginia Tech. If that’s the case, we’re going to see a lot of mistakes this year until the system is in place. But, the eventual outcome could be program-changing for us in a good way.

Did I stick the landing?

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The one part of our special teams that did not appear to be broke was our holder. Jack had been really good there for at least two seasons. Coach Fountain decided to break it. He now owns that decision.

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Jack Lindsey is a better holder than any kicker. He has proven it. He is a cool customer. It also allows for a surprise 2pt conversion attempt with a pass, something the defense has to watch for, and for a pass attempt on a bad snap.
Jack would need very little practice time with the kicker, and vice versa. Change next season, not this year.
Getting him injured? He’s not the next guy in line.
Still not too late to change back.

I don’t have the actual number to prove, but I’m willing to bet that a higher % of 2-point conversions are successful running a standard play than those coming from a busted kick.

If you want two points, just line up and go for it.


That’s a three-pointer…all net baby!


Do any of our posters clamoring for Jack to take the FG/PAT snaps have a back channel to him? If so, there’s an easy solution, here.

It’s unlikely he’ll ever see the field as a QB here at UA. But he very likely could play if he’d simply reclassify as a punter … and take those snaps.

Hard to see that. I’m certainly not drinkin the Fountain Koolaid…terrible start.

What makes it additionally horrible beyond the very negative impact our “ST” has had on our resulting play on the field is the optics are worse than a flashing strobe light when our team is watched on the TV. It’s never positive when the memory someone has of your team is some stupid mistake is played over and over. I mean it’s almost as
bad as the SEC officiating as seen by the whole sports-watching public.

Got to get better in special teams. It has been difference in two games. That is clear. Defense and special teams should be a constant.

Lindsey botched zero snaps the past two years. I’m no coach, but that seems like a pretty good track record.

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