Regarding Hammonds only being in on running plays

That’s not completely accurate.

I watched the replay earlier this week, and happened to notice that TJ was in at RB on a pass completion to Austin Cantrell. This came shortly after Santos Ramirez stripped the ball and recovered the fumble on the sidelines midway in the second quarter, on the drive where we scored to make it 31-14. I paused and replayed to make sure I had seen it correctly, remembering CBB’s comments immediately following the game.

Still, the larger point he was trying to make is valid - if any player being on the field tips the defense as to what type of play we are likely to run, we need to fix that. Reminds me of when we had one-trick pony Koriliss Marshall was (briefly) on campus. If he was in the game, you knew the ball was going to him. Beyond that, 2/3 of the time it was a toss to one side or the other to try and leverage his speed around the corner. It was effective the first few times we tried it - but then, defenses understood he was only in the game to run those plays.