Regarding Briles' offenses here at Arkansas

Chew on this…and discuss amongst yourselves…

The only thing that matters is winning. Give me Gene Stalling’s offense if we win. Statistical rankings mean nothing to me without the W.

When you’re as weak on D as we are, you better score points like crazy to offset it. Simply, we aren’t.

Many in the media will kiss up and defend this situation in order to protect their access. Just how it is. I would probably do the same thing if I was in their shoes and my livelihood was dependent on it.

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I’ll add,Arkansas is ranked 106 in red zone scoring. Hutch should tell the whole story.

Red Zone scoring

The howling wolves are 18th.

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Also outside the top 50 in 3rd down conversion.

3rd Down Conversion

Man just let it go with briles. His type of offense is prevalent throughout the college game and many high schools adopt and incorporate some of the same plays.

Dual threat qb’s have to play in a system similar to this.

I promise you if he leaves he will be hard to replace

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The stats speak for themselves. We aren’t as prolific as you want it to be. I wish we were. I really do. Winning is all that matters.

I don’t think it will be as bad if he leaves as you think.

Did you see Bennett running Saturday? Georgia is 1st in red zone scoring. Monken runs a pro style with some RPO.

He’s on a mission… gotta give him points for persistence and passion…

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Wiz brought a post from Hutch that was a fallacy. I’m only offering some fair balance to keep it honest.

One of the new dangled oc gurus was Sean glennon. He worked for Gundy then back home to Rutgers. Fired today.

For three years our players have learned and adapted to this system. Have recruited to it even. If he leaves or is replaced you are going to see someone running the same or a similar style bc that is what Sam wants and it is his job and he has said it will be done how he wants it to go.

I can tell you this Kendal had the chance to leave last year and the powers that be wanted him to stay and are paying him to be here until he wants a head coaching job.

Look at those numbers.

KB might just wind up costing Sam his job then. I’ll make you a friendly little wager if KB leaves that CSP changes.

BTW, look at what Gundy is running at Okie Light. It’s not RPO. Would it translate to the SEC. I don’t know but I bet they beat the crap out of OU (Jeff Lebby’s offense).

Beating Oklahoma is happening because Lincoln Riley didn’t recruit defense.

Gundy’s offense has more air raid than rpo right now however he has had the guy now at Penn st. And was at Rutgers until fired today.

Not sure if his talent and system would fare any better in sec.

You know he has had chances both here and Knoxville to try his system in sec and said no thanks

You do realize that OU failed to score a SINGLE point yesterday. Not 1.

I don’t think that’s a defensive recruiting issue.

Gundy is running some heavy zone running offense.

Sam will retire in 3-5 years probably anyway so question is does university promote within (briles or Odom) or look outside

Odom had chance to go to Texas last fall also and powers that be are paying him well to be here also until he becomes a head coach.

I don’t see either leaving for less than a head coach job bc of their salaries

Neither will be a HC at Arkansas.

Back up qb also in ou system. Not making excuses but this system has to have familiarity with it.

We are more of a power running team than a passing one for this system the best I can tell from other places lebby and briles have been. Sam wants the ball run and recruiting reflects that. Briles has freedom but does what Sam says.

But does he really? I bet the next OC here is running more of a pro-style offense with other concepts mixed in.

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Not willing to bet on that. Both are well liked by folks in power and their agents are very good.

If Sam is successful here when he retires I can see continuity with one of them.

Now if Sam bombs out we are back to the drawing board and it will be another guy with another system and needing time to get his players etc.

Nature of this business.

I’m sure both are likeable guys. And I hope you’ve noted I’ve never said a word about them personally. I bet they really are good guys. All that matters to the powers that be is that we are winning and filling the stadium.

He could’ve done that with Chaney who was available. Bielema tried that in sec and I think Sam realizes that unless you can get the hosses like Alabama and Georgia it is really hard to run that system.

I wish we could see what Monken could do with our offense. It’s all debatable. I just took issue with Hutch trying to prop up KB’s offense without telling the whole story. The stats are all over to include.

Btw, Chaney is a bit like some other coaches who were here before (Chavis, Caldwell). They did well at the time but not sure it was a great idea to bring them back. There are better coaches out there (younger) that are into recruiting.