Regarding Bama's narrow win over the Aggies

I wanted Bama to crush them like the cockroaches they are. Seems that never happens on the rare occasions that I am pulling for Alabama (like Texas earlier this season).

But in some ways, it may turn out better for us in this regard. If Bama had beaten them by 20+, the heat on Jimbo would start to be serious. Now, no Aggie can criticize that effort. At the same time, it IS a loss. But he will probably be around for a while…and that’s fine with me. It keeps the controversy (about him under-achieving, his big buyout, will they fire him, etc.) going.

In the long run, I don’t know that it makes all that much difference to an Arkansas fan until we solve the problems we have ourselves. But I still do like it when A&M is in turmoil. And Jimbo provides that.


I don’t understand how AM can even stay in the game with Bama. They overcame a 14 point deficit. I didn’t watch anything but the last minute but the Bama defense turned up the heat and the TAM quarterback had no chance.

As for this weeks games, I think Tennessee may be the best team. The will beat Georgia and Bama.
Josh Huephel is an offensive genius.

Everybody on this board is complaining about recruiting. But A&M has recruited exceedingly well, and it is beginning to show. Especially defensively and unlike Arkansas, they have size and speed all over the field. May need a quarterback still, but King is actually playing OK. You don’t get these kinds of recruiting classes and it not bear results. Sometimes it takes while for a team like A&M to find its groove.

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Bama turnovers kept that game close…otherwise it’s probably a blowout. Agree with the other poster, that Aggie recruiting is producing some return on the field bc they are talented and seemed to match talent with Bama. It’s also a much different team if Bryce Young is healthy bc that offense is in a totally different gear with him.

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Well said. If Jimbo solves his QB issues like Saban did then TAM will be tuff==so far Jimbo has not be able to do that. Bryce Young’s being out has helped the Tide’s running game and the defense has had to step up too. When he returns, Bama will be a more complete team then when he got hurt. Tenn is good but if they have QB problem , then it is different matter and they could not put Florida away.

Just read a story that Alabama’s DB read Jimbo Fisher’s lips before the last play and knew where the ball was going. Made the play and Alabama won. Wild.

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That’s an Aggie move for sure……. :rofl: :rofl:

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Alabama’s strength has been passing game. That was missing to some degree. And turnovers make a huge difference.

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To which I will add that this just underscores how much not having KJ impacted Arkansas yesterday.

If mighty Alabama almost lost a home game to a team they objectively were 17 or more points better than based on mistakes made by, and other positive plays NOT made by the backup QB…why is it so hard for some Hog fans to understand that we were playing from behind the 8-ball from the get/go yesterday? And that’s not even factoring in the slew of injuries to our arguably least talented position (secondary), which happens to be the position that was matched up against MSU’s strength (WR)?

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KJ would have been sacked many times yesterday.

I heard very consistently on this board since the A&M game that we were better, A&M is not good, the better team did not win, etc. but now that they play Bama close I hear they have all this talent all over the field unlike Arkansas, etc. Wonder which one it is?

Leadership impacts the game in so many ways. KJ is the leader of this team. The fact he’s out also inspires the other team.

Just think what 88-89 team would be like without Grovey AND Atwater. Now KJ and Cat are not that good but they are the best two players on the team, as were Q and Steve.

Hogs did win at Texas with Q out. I believe Bland led the team to a win. But you probably get the point.

This team would benefit from a Wayne Martin type.


Dan Hampton maybe?

Dan Hampton was not on the 88/89 teams. That was my comparison.


Coaches loathe them. It helps explain why Malik didn’t start (or play more earlier). It helps explain how A&M stayed in the game.

The discussion of Wayne Martin, for some reason, took me back to the year of the Triangle and one defense under Bielema. Philon, Flowers, and Spaight. We have Pool and Sanders, although I don’t know that Pool is the athlete Spaight was (Spaight is faster, for sure). But, we lack that interior DL.

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Flowers and Philon sure made it easier on Spaight. Weakside triangle was interesting concept that did not work as well without those two up front.

Aggies are young, but all those young five stars they bought are fantastic and they had better defensvie talent last night than Bama.

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