Getting stomped by much better teams but refs blowing whistle way to often— against us when my poor old eyes don’t see it

The refs did not beat us tonight, we beat ourselves by not going inside and forcing them to foul us. But we cannot make free throws when we get fouled!

There’s a simple way to look at this issue.
The Florida @ Miss St game tonight there
We’re 12 fouls called on each team.
With the game tied at 68 with seconds remaining Miss St drives the lanes takes 4 steps no walk makes the lay up and 1.
Final 71-68.
We do commit some stupid fouls but Gafford had a clean block tonight where a foul was called on him. The bumping by guards was not called both ways or the over the back but we have had this problem before.
The hogs need to play defense without fouling. Tenn won tonight at the free line making 35 of 39 free throws. That’s absurd. Reminds me of the Miss St game last year.

Hey yank— did not say refs beat us just that whistle blew too often and not in our favor— we also did not get by not going inside for fouls— we got beat by a better ball club who played lights out on there home floor— overall thought our team competed very well