Have taken over.


Actually Kentucky took over.

I agree with that but they are not calling it the same on both ends.

Not that it would change things.

We got hammered on some plays at end of game, idk how those weren’t fouls.

Any time TV Teddy calls a game it’s almost a guarantee hog loss! Gafford was taken down by the arm and no call. It wasn’t a block. But the reason for the loss was poor shots and not taking the possessions in the first half with the intent to score. You have to build a lead and keep it.
I hate Kentucky.

I don’t think Refs lost this game.

Cal made adjustments and when Kentucky decided to make us guard the rim we took a pass most of the night.

The way their big men played us in the paint was text book at times.

If you make your free throws and value those possessions in transition and score instead of racing to throw it off the backboard backwards you might score. The poor shot came back tonight. But the refs did not call contact on both ends. Gafford was pulled down by the arm and it was called a blocked shot. In any close game you will not beat Kentucky and you better play defense which the hogs didn’t do. The hogs took 26 3’s I think I remember that correctly. Ref’s aided in offensive put backs that Kentucky had in the second half.
MA needs 3 more big men.

We didn’t get any stops after the first 10 minutes. That’s why we lost. The offense was spectacular in the first half, and we had to sink a trey at the buzzer to go in tied with 43 points. We should have had a comfortable lead at half. I thought we should have backed off and played a zone in the second half. We gave a bad shooting team too many easy looks out of transition and traps.

As for the refs, how do you miss the hack on Gafford and a Kentucky player taking a stroll down the court when he is all by himself?

The refs didn’t lose the game but they blew some very obvious calls TV Teddy missed Knox take several steps (travel) with the ball, because he was watching Anderson, to try to show him up.

There were some bad calls, however, the refs didn’t lose this game.

It came down to defense. We didn’t and Kentucky did.

Mike stayed in man defense and trapping WAY too much tonight, and it back fired again because we don’t have the depth at guard. Barford and Beard got fatigued from chasing them around in Man. We should have stayed in Match up zone 90% of the time once we could see that our starting guards were tired in the first half. CJ and Darius gave us NOTHING tonight so Barford, Macon and Beard played WAY too much.

They did a masterful job of using our man defense against us, by setting tons of screens to free up Knox of easy shots. Knox ran barford ragged too.

Good post, refs had little to none to do with this loss, this is on the coach and players period. As a senior laden team we continue to be unable to recognize a good shot from a bad one and I guarantee this happens everyday in practice ! Lack of fundamentals causes inconsistency which will breed confusion and lack of confidence. You have to hand it to Calapari he knows how to beat our man D, he beats our guards at the point our bigs move up to pickup the man driving and they lob it over the top to their bigs working the base line and have then have the shooter plus the player working the other base line behind our defense for rebounding. Against a atheletic team our man D is horrible to say the least. WPS

Honestly I thought TV Teddy and the rest of them were consistent and fair (which is all you can ask). They missed some (everyone does), but I had no issues with the referees.

PUH-LEEEEEZE!!! Our fan base refuses to remove the cardinal shaded glassed. The REFS had ZERO to do with the loss. KY BEAT OUR ASS!!!
Mike is not a dynamic, driven, motivated coach. He is just collecting a check!

Very astute

when & only when we can play solid half court basketball will we beat teams (on a consistent basis) who are as athletic than we are.

There were chances to have a big lead at halftime. That would have made the second half a bit different. But in the end, Kentucky was way too talented and too deep. Our depth was non-existent in this game.