I guess that is why we are second leading offense in the sec. I guess you’re not going to be cheering on that offense when we consistently put up 80 plus in the bud next time. I can’t say I’m surprised. Some people act like they never had a bad loss. I’m glad Mike has been around long enough to know better. A basketball season is longer than a bad half. I’m glad he is not dumb, and can obviously see a correlation in his teams assist stats and win loss record. And mostly they have been consistently sharing the ball and putting up points and playing good defense – 76% of the games this year, and consistently been getting better at their deficiencies, and they’ll go back to work.

See, that’s why people argue with you, nothing I said was BASHING the team. What I said is an absolute FACT. I even said today was an abnormality. In the last four games we have trailed in rebounds, assists, and fouls at some point during those games. We just played good down the stretch. We played good down the stretch today, problem was the first half.

The nature of our team is that when it looks bad, it looks bad. There’s no disputing that there are times (and usually stretches in each game) where we are stagnant offensively, we maddeningly insist on posting Moses time and again with no results, we go One on One, we play soft defense and don’t rebound well.

Having said all that, when folks start talking about how we never do this or that or we always do this or that or we can’t compete with decent teams, etc, I like to look at the objective stats.

Arkansas is:

2nd in SEC in scoring
3rd in SEC in assists
4th in SEC in FG %
2nd in SEC in FT%
9th in SEC in 3ptM
5th in SEC in steals
7th in SEC in Reb/game (6th def, 9th off)
10th in SEC in Def. Efficiency.

With those stats, solid computer metrics, 16-5, 5-3 5th in the SEC and 4 straight SEC games coming up in which they will be favored (and should then be 20-5, 9-3 or 19-6, 8-4) it just seems to me to be an overreaction to say they are awful or very good.

They just seem like a pretty good team that appears headed to winning 23-25 games and being a solid (ie not bubble) Ncaat team.

I can’t figure out why that profile results in so much disdain from some fans, particularly after (but for 1-2 years) a generation-long string of futility over a span of 4.5 coaches.

I see. Well I agree with you that no movement and not sharing the ball are problems. One of the problems we have had getting over the hump with good competition. I just don’t think the problems are “consistent” as so many of mikes critics want to suggest with his coaching abilities or system. I overlooked that you said previously it was an anomaly

Well, at least you didn’t disown them this time. :wink:

I still think 25 is out of the question, I’m gonna call 23 a stretch. Maybe on 22. We’ll see :sunglasses:

Ha. That’s funny. I earned that. According to some, I’m just Mr. Positive Spin (which would be funny to people who know me). But, I did disown them after the MSU loss.

I am now back to what I have said pretty much at every other time but then. They’re probably gonna win 23+ games, finish 3rd or 4th in the SEC and be a solid/not bubble Ncaat team.

I would be interested to hear which games you think they will lose.

I think they will win all, or all but 1 of their remaining home games, 2 of 3 at MO, LSU and AU and then 1 in SECt.

That puts them at 23 or 24. So do you have them losing 2 at home? A road game at MO? LSU?

If they win five at home that gives us 21, I agree with you on the three road games you picked, that puts us at 24-6 prior to the SECT, even 4-1 at home (I don’t see a loss) gives us that magic 23 number :wink: However, I’m worried about that 1st SECT game. I think we end up the 4 seed, however, I think Ole Miss ends up the five seed, and they’ll end up needing to win to get in

It’s hard to say. A lot depends upon seeding and Bama has a tougher remaining schedule than us. OM better get busy if they’re gonna end up as the 5.

But, I agree with you that Hogs are likely going to get to 23 and be a cleat Ncaat team.

Not in your league NP! I can’t say which games , I just think they are an inconsistent team and I’m not convinced they will keep up the road W’s based on today. But you watch them closer than I do, and you may be right. I didn’t remember to include the tourney. I definitely would have liked to see them play MSU again in the Reg season, maybe it’ll happen in the tourney. Glad to see you bounce back today :slight_smile:

It’s always hard to count road wins, but MO and LSU are as in the tank as any 2 teams I have seen in the league in awhile.

I base the prediction on that and that we have already won at 4 other much tougher venues–at Tx (Hou), at Tenn, at Tamu and at Vandy.

YES IT IS. See, I can yell too. I said on the road, which is why it’s so frustrating because it’s not an issue, or at least not as big of an issue, at home.

Last 5 road game our asst/to is 47-52
Last 5 home games…67-52

Maybe try reading a little closer next time.

Just in cause you have forgot we are Hog fans and normally our opponent shoot at least 20 more free throws a game than us.
If the whistle blows is against the hogs.
But the refs did not beat us we played flat and it was just a bad game. Maybe these young man will realize they need to put their uniform on and play 40 minutes to win. Defense is a must and we have to stop giving up lay ups and dunks. Value the ball and get good shots. Move the ball.
This is a good team they show it about 5 minutes a game. There’s no reason to complain about refs they hate us as must as we hate them. !

Ok our assists are lower on the road. But it’s not like we haven’t had moments when we have played well enough though on offense. We have had some decent stretches that helped us a get the w. It hasn’t been like today’s consistently terrible offense

Actually you might as well say our assists to turnover number is corellated with our losses, not just road games. But that is obvious. The coaches know, the players know, the fans whatever. And yes today was a step backwards. But we have consistently rebounded from our losses with enough offense to be second offense in sec and a tourney team.

Ya we got stomped today. So what? Tennessee beat Kentucky, Kansas got whooped at West Virginia. Ucla lost two in a row Big deal. It’s January.

It’s about can you bounce back and get a win streak going at the right time. We have done that consistently this year.

I agree. I think it is possible to admit that the Hogs were bad and the officiating isn’t why they lost and also note that the officiating was awful. That’s where I am.

It made me laugh when one of the announcers said we weren’t used to the physicality from Ok St.

Ya. Right. At one point in the first half the fouls were like 14-4 and FT disparity was 12:1.

But, like you say, it was a loss and a bad one because we weren’t ready to play.

I had a bad feeling when they tip-toed out there for the tip. It just looked like we were about to get rolled and we did.

These refs are horrible. We’re playing poorly to start, but the calls are so one-sided.
[/quote]Regardless, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome unless you think a 10 point loss is different than 30 point loss.

Arkansas has shot four more free throws than their opponent this year. … team_stats
Arkansas has been called for an average of 21.4 fouls per game
Arkansas opponents have been called for an average of 20.2 fouls per game

Hope I’m wrong, but I think the SEC is relegated to Kentucky, South Carolina and Florida in the tournament.

From Jimmy’s game story. He provides some more context to just how bad we’ve been at sharing the ball recently.

The team had just 7 assists on 24 makes after having just 6 on 24 at Vandy. So this week they assisted on about 27 percent of their makes. The national average (52.7) and team average (52.5) is nearly twice that. They definitely have talented scorers, but there’s too much one-on-one and not enough working as a collective to move the defense and get good shots. Very seldom does Arkansas get easy shots out of its halfcourt offense.