These refs are horrible. We’re playing poorly to start, but the calls are so one-sided.

It has been pretty bad to start but have to take care of the ball and resist the urge to go 1 on 1 too much.

We are pretty awful today. Kingsley’s offensive game is just maddening. How he could be SEC preseason MVP is beyond me.

Actually they’re calling a very good game, if you’re wearing white.

This officiating is horrible. We’ve been to the line once, and we’ve been attacking just as much as they have.

The Arkansas Razorbacks are horrible today, not the officiating.

Both are horrible. We are making it easier with all the reaching, but we haven’t gotten any breaks either.

Unfortunately, it’s both

Absolute phantom call on Macon on that dunk. They just blow the whistle every time OSU gets in the paint regardlesss of what happens.

It’s hard to play well when you get cheated so much

Well, I’m just gonna turn this off and hope I am jinxing them by listening at work.

Good thing Mike is the coach and not me. I would probably take my team off the court and hope the league would fire the refs

I had the same thought when the tech was called.

Giving up 11 offensive boards and and turning it over 10 times doesn’t help.

Pretty pathetic defensive effort. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that this was a bad matchup for us. Glad we got the Vandy win on Tues!

Ya with that combination of watching our players seemingly give up and those refs cheat their ass off, I would have got kicked out a long time ago.

Consistent problem with our play on the road coming to the forefront again…too much 1 on 1, poor offensive movement. Thus far, 5 vs 21 in assists. Evans has almost double our entire team.


Yes, and the issues they are complaining about has happened EVERY GAME. The difference between those other times and today is Okie Light scored 59 points in the first half. When a team puts up 60 in a half, they normally don’t lose

You’re saying we have had less than 10 assists every game???

Nope, I’m saying we have issues in every game, where our players have bad ball movement, don’t look for the open man, take bad contested shots when there is someone open, don’t rebound great, get caught in bad positions on screens (both offensively and defensively), and have droughts. Today is an abnormality because, we usually don’t give up 59 in a half. We usually have a chance. Okie Light was just on fire today.