Refs tonight at Kyle Field

This is not a good thought, but might as well break the news now rather than later.

Referee is Marc Curles

Ken Switzer is the replay referee.

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How about some goods new then…

LSU is a very winnable game this season. Got to beat them while their down. They won’t be there long!

Wow…Marc Curles. He owes us.

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More like he owns us,

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Right now I’d say EOE, LSU and Misery are winnable. Which would get us to 5-5 as the ESPN simulation predicted. We’d need some serious help to beat Bama or the Wallets.

I agree. I hate to lose, but I actually came out of this game feeling better about the rest of the season. The offense, other than scoring TDs in the red-zone, outplayed the Aggies’ offense.

I was disappointed in the play calling from Briles when we had nice drives to, or near, the red-zone. Only on the first drive and the first TD in the 4th quarter, did he call a pass to Burks in, or near, the end zone. He tried an end-around to Burks and a flair pass to him behind the line of scrimmage. Those plays didn’t work all game with the speedy A&M defense. With a talented guy like Burks, even if he’s double teamed in the end zone, he will go up and get an accurate pass, or get an interference call.

First game this season, we showed a stout running game. All the announcers talked about was the Aggie running game, when we actually outgained them by 50 yards on the ground. Boyd, Franks, and Smith were all close to 6 yards a carry.

I’ll admit, A&M was better than I expected. I think we are ready. Bring on TN.

Oh, in keeping with the theme of the thread, I thought the ref crew was pretty good this game. Maybe all the publicity from the Auburn fiasco will help us the rest of the season.

Gotta give the announcers/produces credit in the last minutes of the game they spent a good deal of time talking about Sam and the Hogs. They surely went on and on about A&M most of the night. Probably because of their excellent play.

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