Refs in the TN - GA

Game are horrible. Or blind. Or paid off by the Vols.

Wouldn’t be the first time for the Vols.

was preston watts officiating?

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Goodun Will! One of the most corrupt officials to ever call a college football game!

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Preston Watts. The poster boy for terrible officials. It’s been 48 years & I still hate Tenn because of him & because of that.

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Yep. Thrilled the Vols lost. Remember the Liberty Bowl! I sure do.
Their coach is no better than the bum they were forced to kick off the team.
Karma not kind.

The very mention of Preston Watts makes my blood pressure rise.

He never called another game if my old memory serves me right!

My TN friends tell me I need to get over it. I tell them that i’ll Get over it the same day I become a Texass fan.

I was at that game and I nearly got into several fights just walking to my car. If I remember right didn’t Watts actually live in Arkansas? My boss at the time was a big Tn fan and it’s a wonder I didn’t get fired. So yeah, I’ll never get over that and by the way I still hate Bill Battle too.