Refs are bound and determined

to keep us from getting a run. Two fouls that should have been charges and they both were called blocks. Moses couldn’t have been any more straight up.

Not even close.

Mike Nance had a terrible game. Just awful for a supposedly big time referee and the brother of a former NBA star and uncle of a current NBA up and comer.


The SEC refs have been terrible in Football and Basketball for protecting the prestige teams and highly ranked teams. The refs have been TERRIBLE about home court officiating in Basketball, so much so that they finally tried to fix that this year. I am SICK of the SEC which is reminding me of the SWC in many ways. We have made a LOT of money being in the SEC when TV contracts created mountains of cash, but I am not sure how much longer this will continue.

Unfortunately, the loss of industrial tax bases leaving for China have crippled state budgets and online retailing is killing Main St retail sales tax dollars. Cable and Satellite TV are in a major transition of their own with streaming services like SlingTV. With that being said, State’s do not have the money they had 25 years ago and this is affecting Education and Higher Ed funding. Additionally, the Cable Networks are in turmoil and advertising dollars are getting more competitive. Is ESPN going to continue paying INSANE money for all the conference contracts?

We have a very interesting 12-24 months ahead of us for sports programming, State Funding, etc. It wouldn’t bother me if there is a major shake up in conference alignments.

I understand the frustration of bad calls, but it’s never going to change. The Gators got the bad end of the calls at Kentucky and the beat goes on. And, we do get more calls at home than the visiting team as a rule of thumb. Our style of defense has a reputation for touch fouls and it doesn’t take much to see it called often and that stymies momentum costing us games. We have to be better than the opposition on the road to win despite the calls and we’re not when it comes to the Gators even with the loss of their center two weeks ago. A great shooting night from the Hogs and we had a chance. Now let’s beat up the Bulldogs and take care of business in the SEC tourney.

Did not get to see the entire game, and I thought charging was called differently for Florida than us, but evidently I missed more of the questionable calls, because other than a few, which is the nature of the beast, I did not see too much for me to be upset about. After watching the Kentucky at Kentucky the night before, I guess it would take a lot of home cooking to catch my attention!