Refresh my memory, please...

A few recruiting seasons ago, maybe 2 or 3, we had a group of 5 basketball recruits who pledged to be Razorbacks. I believe they played on the same AAU team possibly. I’m thinking 4 of them eventually signed and 1 backed out. Unless I dreamed this, could someone tell me the names of those recruits and the one that backed out?

Justice Hill
Desi Sills
Isaiah Joe
Ethan Henderson

Reggie Perry (backed out and signed with Miss St)

Moo U paid for Perry’s services and CMA would not. There was also some encouragement from team USA coaching staff.

Thank you’ll so much for promptly refreshing my memory. I feel much better now!

Yes, Reggie Perry stuck it to his buddies and that’s a shame because if he would’ve stuck with his commitment we would have a much better outlook for this season.

Go Hogs!