Reflections while sitting in an airport...

I’m about travel out of the country for 5 of the next 8 weeks. I’ve known about these trips for quite some time and have been dismayed at all the Razorback games I will miss. Now I’m thinking the distance will do me good. Due to time differences, I will likely not be able to track the games in real time. I’ve have found I enjoy the wins just as much after the fact and the losses hurt a little less when they aren’t live.

I will still be rooting from afar. Go Hogs

Safe travels. This is not an easy time to do overseas travel. There is stress for sure. I have always wondered what travel would be like during football season. For the last 50 years, I’ve only known what working 10 straight weeks is like. Maybe what you are doing is a good thing?

I have been doing it for years on end. Working 5 week schedule on and off, but usually it becomes 5 weeks or more on and 5 weeks or less off. I try to adjust my schedule ahead of time to catch the meat of Hog football schedule while I’m home.
I’m currently overseas & streaming the games at odd hours with sketchy internet can be frustrating. Games like this past Saturday make it difficult to go right to sleep late at night as well. Needless to say I’m a bit grouchy the next day due to the loss and lack of sleep, etc.


How do you stream games overseas? I have not found a way in either Europe or Asia. My watch ESPN app works in North America but not overseas.

Internet TV Boxes. U need a really good fast internet connection. Some like mine will work anywhere in the world.
I got mine here in middle east, (about 150$) using local wifi router. it does ok. If & when I can I plug it into high speed cable internet works great.
Watch all USA channels plus about anything.

I think u can get them in USA called Firestick, not sure if those work outside US though.