They did their best to insert themselves into the game at one point and tacky fouls were called. Then they backed off somewhat but began to show some bias towards the Tiggers, imo

That tall white guy hardly ever fouled.

That tall white guy had 20 RB’s & 7 blocks

Top end crew. All of them are considered among the best. I saw stuff they missed. But I agreed with a lot of their calls. Not many would have done any better. I thought a flagrant should have been assessed when they raked Jaylin’s face (and eye). But they didn’t see it that way. I don’t know if they even checked the monitor.


We shot nearly twice as many FTs as them (32-17) they were called for 28 fouls to our 17 (included a TON of charges on them) and they had 2 starters foul out. But, OK.


Watch the game; quit looking at the stat sheet. Nothing I said was incorrect.

Watched every bit of it. Just don’t complain about the refs when they were fine. That was a really tough game to call and they did fine. And, definitely don’t accuse them of bias when it’s unwarranted.

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Wow. I wish we all had your perfect sight and grasp of the game of basketball. So let it be written, so let it be done… Of course, Yul Brynner said it more convincingly.

Was at the game. Absolutely zero complaints about this crew tonight. Well called game. I know over on the Auburn board they are complaining about the home cooking and some of our fans even have complaints, but I would take this crew every game. They let the players decide the game for the most part.


I am shocked Teddy Valentine did interject himself more into the game. He does have trouble getting into the arena with the size of his ego-inflated head. Over an excellent job in a game that was very physical.

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You know Don it seemed like TV Teddy has chilled some. He was smiling and joking with the players and coach’s. In years past he was a total jack wagon if you said anything to him.


NEVER has their been a fan call out BIAS in our favor. :sunglasses:

Enjoy, watch it again! Saturday is a tough spot. Go Hogs!

Have Mercy! :sunglasses: :+1:

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Basketball is a tough game to call. Really tough. It is emotional and can be rough to sort out. They did a solid job.

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I attend quite a few AAU basketball games to see 2 of my grandson’s play. Last Saturday some parents on the opposing team were all over 1 referee. It was a fairly small crowd and any parent gripes would echo across the gym. At one point the ref stopped the game and had a back and forth on rules of the game with the parent. Cracked me up.


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