Referee Stats?

Are there any game stats available on referees?

I would love to see data on each ref related to how many fouls they call, what type of foul they call, and additional information such as how many calls are made against the home team verses the visiting team.

I tend to believe some refs are biased against one team verses the other in some games as well as some refs like to have the focus on them and call a lot of touch fouls. If data is available, that would show that I would think.

Any comparison data on how many fouls are called in the SEC verses other conferences? It seems when the SEC teams get into the dance they have to adjust to the way the game is called because it is much more physical than what we play in the SEC. Too many touch fouls in the SEC.

Just curious.

I watched a game last night Oregon and Washington State that was just as horrible as our SEC games have been called.
I watched Kentucky come back and beat Vanderbilt aided by the refs. But Vandy missed free throws and finally fouled with about 2.1 seconds on the clock while Kentucky won it a free throw line!
Same thing in the LSU vs Kentucky game.
The SEC head man sat on the sideline last year and watched refs laughing and cutting up with the Kentucky wildcats at the SEC tournament and seen Malik Monk and his throat slash. He is spineless. Just a pin in the money game.

I’d love to see that. I know CMA called out a ref a few years back and faced no punishment which meant he had a valid criticism. He had said the guy was bias towards AR (didn’t use those exact words, but what most interpreted as), obviously the SEC offices had to agree or he would have got some kind of punishment.

That crap KY game last year at the SECT showed how bias they could be.

I’m not aware of a site that has exactly that, but KenPom has a special miscellaneous category that provides rankings for college basketball officials. It tracks games each one has called going back several years and their average thrill score, which tells you how often they’re involved in close, tightly contested games.