Ref’s let us play…

I thought we dodged a couple of bullets and could have been called for targeting on 2 occasions. Other than that we played a clean game and a vast improvement from week 1.


I didn’t catch what conference the officials were from, but my guess is they didn’t fly up on the plane with tu.

Big 12

So Big 12 refs were giving tu a going away present. :grin:


Those guys may have been hoping Greg Sankey (in the press box) liked their work. They were auditioning.


I hope Greg does hire them because I barely noticed them. It was nice.

SEC officials always like to be a part of the show.


That was the crew that worked the national title game. So that was a heavyweight bunch.


True dat. Some much worse than others


Marc Curles should have been fired in 2009 after that monstrosity in Gainesville. Yet there he was screwing us again in RRS against LSU last year. Horton Nesrsta had nothing on him.

I mentioned in another thread my friend here in West Monroe was the back judge Saturday night in that B12 crew. He works hard at his craft and is a fine fellow. He’s getting to the age where he’s probably not making it to the NFL, but that crew is full of good people. I sat and talked with the Line judge’s wife from Independence, MO during the game and she’s now got another set of kids to mother hen(my oldest son in dental school in Kansas City & his wife).

The Back judge has a autistic son that we sat with Saturday night and usually does not do well with large crowds and noise, but did fine at the game. The autistic son got a pic with Big Red when the mascot came up into the student section. It was funny bc Big Red kept messing with the other students until Brody(autistic kid) started poking Big Red repeatedly until finally he realized there’s this kid behind him that wanted a picture with him!

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