Ref favoritism in the SEC

I know I am one of many that bitch about Arkansas’s treatment by the refs in the SEC when it comes to basketball. I expect as just standard procedure that the home team gets the benefit of better calls. So when the hogs are on the road, I notice it, but its hard to get mad as that’s just the way it is. But what really tics me off is when the same favoritism doesn’t seem to show up when the Razorbacks are at home. That really strokes my fires. And there are a few that constantly come on here and say that opinion is BS and its just my rose colored glasses. Well…

Some group or individual just put a data chart together and guess what… it matches what I’m saying. Arkansas gets the least benefit on the road or at home from ANY other SEC team. It is now data, not just idle speculation with rose glasses!!

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Yes, all the refs hate us, and the announcers hate us.

That’s very interesting. My biggest complaint with officiating is it’s not the same way for 40 minutes… you may see a totally different game in the second half than the first half. That creates problems for the players because they’re used to doing something now all of a sudden you start calling little ticky tacky touch fouls that’s what ticks me off.


Yes this is interesting. My problem after playing and watch FB and BB for 60 years is it’s skewed at different times of the battle.The first part of a BB game game might be called overly tight to let these kids know who’s in charge. A lot of times they pick on the stars. Or the visitors get ripped off. Or the KY’s of the world get all the calls. Right?

I should have kept a diary to write a book sometime about umps.

I can’t tell how that is measured. When I click on the link it doesn’t work. There is one stat that indicates to me that calls are not being skewed against us… we lead the league in Free Throws attempted at 578. UGA is next with 538, then Vandy at 516. If you listen to Muss you know this is by design. He really wants to attack the basket and pick up fouls.

Another thing that I believe actually works in our favor with refs is J Williams’ charges taken. He seems to have a great reputation for taking charges (very deserving!) but when he’s involved in the charge/block, a very difficult call to make, I think Williams gets the benefit of the doubt.


He re-posted the photo after realizing he had mislabeled it.

Wait till Texass gets in the league, old sores will be officially opened.

This is more of an indicator of style of play rather than good calls vs bad calls. Those are so subjective they would be impossible to quantify.

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On Votan’s behalf…



the Corsi numbers and some of the other sport number evals are better. Hockey goes into the miniscule and has been using stats for a looong time to analyze individual and team play. It means what the reader wants.

When I tried to figure out the graph at the top of the thread it was pretty obvious it was inverted, lol.

I’ve always thought the team that is the most aggressive gets more calls home or away. I do not see much bias. There were times when I felt like the highest ranked team got more calls, then I realized they were better and more aggressive. That works in their favor.

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