Ref Doug Shows in FAU v KSU game

When I saw he was the ref for that game I figured he would again make himself a part of the game with an array of poor / questionable calls like he does for Arkansas. I was shocked when he didn’t!! He was basically a non factor of the game.

So that begs the question… what does he have against Arkansas? If it was just a bad game every once in a blue moon I’d not question it, but it is almost every single game. Well, he has just shown he can call a good game, so why the hell does he brutalize our games?

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If your a KState fan, you might be feeling a bit different. I was rooting for FAU myself. Refs heavily involved in the game, lot of foul calls.

FAU deserved to win, period.
Nowell was great, but he played too much hero ball in the stretch run.

I agree, and I think the commentators were afraid to question any of his decisions late.

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Votan, only the best officials get Sweet 16 games. The game you mention was an Elite 8. What does that tell you about Shows?

Shows has called more than 100 Hog games over the years (according to

If our coaches disliked him enough, we wouldn’t get him so frequently. Those who assign officials’ games do their best to keep people happy (obviously, that’s impossible).

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