Redshirts Looking to Make Impression in Bowl Practices (Story)... … practices/

I see McClure as a redshirt. Hasn’t he played this year?

Not enough

You sure? I saw him on the field against Missouri.

He is indeed on the participation list for the Mizzou game. Also played vs. Texas State, Alcorn and LSU. Playing in two of the last three games is probably not a good way to get a redshirt.

he and the rest of the defense qualify for a PINK shirt. I’m not laughing, but I’ll post a smiley. :lol:

McClure is a WR, not a defensive player so…he had nothing to do with the defense’s performance

And if if McClure wasn’t technically a redshirt, he still would have the opportunity to impress at WR in the bowl workouts.

Maleek Willaims 6-2 235?


That is what his coach says he weighs now.

McClure has the strength to replace Hatcher as the tough WR that isn’t affected by press coverage.