Red White?

Two questions

1.) Who wins?

2.) Is it going to be on live stream?

There is no live stream planned.

Somebody should do live updates then

We will, just like we do from every other big three sporting event.



Thanks Dudley!

I’ll follow the updates!


Isiah Joe most impressive player on the floor so far after 1 half. Effortless super smooth shot with 5 threes.

Osabouien has really improved - he is going to help.

Jalen Harris smooth at the point. Good finisher, took off from the logo and dunked.

Ali struggling with some fundamentals, but worth a scholarship - impressive size.

Chaney and Embery non factors so far. Chaney has good skills - just pressing.

Sills - good ball handler, good speed. Will be able to provide spot minutes at the PG.

Jones in double figures. Plays under the rim, but good overall player.

More later.

Thanks NavyHog

Thanks Matt