Red White weather

Weather for the Red-White game looks bad. It’s three days away and things can change, but storms with two inches of rain are in the Saturday forecast. If that happens, it’s doubtful they will have a Red-White game. It would be canceled, and replaced by an indoor practice. They can’t have fans in Walker Pavilion. Just not any room there to put anyone. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it very well could be what happens if this forecast holds up.

It doesn’t look good for baseball on Saturday, either. Don’t know if they would play two another day, but it just looks like Saturday is going to be tough to get anything played outside if this forecast is right.

It looks like one of those weekends where baseball might be fortunate to get two games played. Friday and Saturday don’t look good at all. They will only play one tomorrow.

They should plan to play a doubleheader on Friday. Mississippi St. did that last week, their first game was Thursday. Their series was finished when we had only played once at Auburn.

There is an escalating chance of rain all day Friday and it is supposed to last through Sunday. Some forecasters have said we might get 8 inches this week.

My guess is that Thursday’s game is the only one played.

Probably not gonna do this, but the forecast I’m looking at has good weather tomorrow and late thunderstorms on Friday. So the way to get in three is to play two tomorrow and early on Friday. They wouldn’t do it, but they could.

Both tomorrow’s game and Friday’s game are scheduled to be on the SEC Network, so they aren’t going to change those game times. They might try to get one in Friday afternoon before the scheduled one that night, but Van Horn said today that there is no way they are playing more than one Thursday.

Is it an iron clad rule that they have to play the 3 games in 3 days? Since they’re starting Thursday, could they not try for a Sunday game? They’ve had to postpone basketball games by 1 day for snowstorms, Houston had to stay an extra day back in 1989 and play Monday night instead of Sunday afternoon.

Yes, that’s the rule - three days to complete a series.

Seems to me a Thursday game & an attempt at a double header Friday is the best solution. I don’t know how soon the rain is supposed to begin, but since OM is already in town, I’d think they could start as early as 11:00 (or maybe even earlier) to get the second game in. If the 3rd is rained out, well, it’s just rained out.

I think that might be what ends up happening.

They did it the right way, a noon doubleheader on Friday. That’s about the only window I see to get three in, as some suggested here.