Red white teams

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I’m going w red but they look pretty well matched

Where should we park for Red / White game?

Asking for a friend.

Matt suggested that lot 44 (North of the football stadium) was where he’d park. It’s handy in and out and that’s where I think I’m going to park.

Muss did a great job trying to balance the 2 teams. It should be a good close game. In my mind right now (because of KK’s injury) I think he split up the current top 6 players 3-3. Lykes, Notae, and Williams (white team) and Devo, Toney, and Umude (red team). KK, if pretty healthy, could put the Red team over the top.

I’m anxious to see how Johnson fares in this game.

White has the best big man and best PG on the roster. I will go with them.

Red has best overall scorer (Umude) and the 2 best perimeter defenders (Devo and Toney)

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