Red White Game

Next Sunday. Anybody else here going?

I might. Maybe maybe.
What time is it?

It’s at 2 PM, Mike.

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was thinking about going…

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Better get there early. It’s gonna be packed.

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Yep, figured it would be… haven’t firmed up going yet but plan to…

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Wish I was Jeremy, but kinda far from Ca, but on a good note doing our 14th annual daddy/daughter football game for LSU and see they play on the 11th, so I’m looking for tickets haha

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I went last year and really wanted to go, but this year, it’s family first. My Granddaughter, who lives in Anchorage, AK, is arriving Tuesday and returning next Sunday. I can’t miss taking her to the airport and giving her a big hug goodby.

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The game will air on SEC Network-Plus, according to a release. Doors at Barnhill Arena open at 1 p.m. and seating is first come, first served. Free admission.

You going to the Suits and Sneakers Gala, Scottie?

That’s great. I should be back home from the airport in time to watch the last half live and watch the first half later on the re-play.

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I can’t imagine that I will, no.

I got invited to go, and I’m super pumped. A lot of the 94 team will be there. Only downside is, I had to buy a new suit, since the only things that fit me from college anymore are my hats.:joy:


Coach coming? That would be cool.


We are hoping he does, Danny. I’m humbled that I was invited to attend. It is not a cheap ticket.


That’s really cool. Hope you get to see Coach Richardson at the game.


Scottie, I assume your article’s information updates this info and negates the announcement of the game being streamed on SECN+.

Also, is this outage only Sunday. SECN+ has two broadcast this Friday and Saturday originating from Barnhill.

that’s pretty much the whole reason I wrote another story, yes