Red White Game

I asked this in the schedule thread, but never got an answer. Will there be an opportunity to get autographs at the Red White game?

I have had several people ask me this, because they know I used to be a manager, but I truly have no idea. The players used to sign at these events. Will they this year? Matt? Scottie?

Also, it would be nice if they got back to requiring a food donation for entry. Coach Richardson helped a lot of people doing that.

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I honestly am not sure. Sorry I forgot to respond earlier. I’d think you could probably get an autograph before or after the game if you time things right. I will ask a team spokesman tomorrow and see what he says.

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Thank you, Scottie. I actually think they could raise a great deal of money, for a worthy cause, if they would schedule a paid signing event. I know a lot of people who would donate $100 to get a ball signed…myself included.

I mentioned this in another thread, but maybe they could involve Canaan and St. Jude’s?

Wouldn’t Muss take every advantage he could to help the team and others, no matter the situation?

Muss seems to be ahead of the game on everything…

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Any new info on this, Scottie?


BTW jeremy you really caught my eye about that post of the 2 kids this weekend. The big dogs keep signing and to this point not much from us??

October 16th Jeremy

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I have a feeling we will start seeing some good news soon, Mike.

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It’s a must for me jeremy to meet you at some BB game this year!!

It’s going to be History in the making! (I bet)

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Thanks, Mike, but I ain’t that interesting, lol. Do look forward to meeting you though.

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Your a Hawg fan!

All I need to know!!

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I got it bad, lol.

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