Red-White game to be played in Barnhill

Tipoff is set for Sunday, Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. in the Razorbacks’ former home arena:


I like it a lot! We can come up for the Auburn game and stay overnight. We can celebrate the victory over Auburn on Dickson Street Saturday afternoon. We can take our time getting up Sunday, eat a late breakfast, catch the Red White game, and be back home in central Arkansas about dusk.

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any broadcast/streaming of it?

There was no info on that in the release. I think it’s doubtful for a scrimmage like this.

kentucky always seems to have their blue/white one televised thats why i asked

A graphic the Razorbacks’ Twitter account posted this morning has the Red-White game being aired on SEC Network-Plus.


Anything released about parking lots? I’ve walked by Barnhill, but never been in it. I would think there must be a chance, after our super successful last basketball season, that Barnhill fills up Sunday? What’s it hold, 8,000?

Capacity of Barnhill was 9,000 in the old days. I’m sure it will be a modified version of the usual BWA parking plan.

With the exception of resident reserved, all UA lots are open on the weekend. There might be a few that are reserved for this, but I doubt there will be many. I’ve always thought the most convenient way to get to Barnhill was to park in Lot 44, walk past the football stadium and enter through one of the Stadium Drive entrances.

Thanks Matt. That’s great. I didn’t know if Lot 44 would be available Sunday afternoon. I knew I didn’t want to park in 56 (which is my reserved basketball lot).

Hopefully Jordan Walsh will be there along with Nick, Joseph, and Derrian!

Matt, I got an e-mail today stating that masks were required for the Red/ White game. Is that true? I didn’t think masks were required in the stands for Razorback sporting events.

It is still indoors, whereas RRS and Baum aren’t.

Meaning masks are gonna be required in a sold out Bud too?

I guess we’ll find out.

They’re requiring face masks for volleyball if six feet of social distancing can’t be maintained. Which it probably can for volleyball. BWA, not so much.