Red-White game rosters...

Drafted Tuesday morning by celebrity coaches Bo Mattingly and Pat Bradley

Game is Sunday at 4 p.m.

Bo Mattingly’s Red Team
#0 Jaylen Barford
#1 Trey Thompson
#3 Dusty Hannahs
#12 Brachen Hazen
#13 Dustin Thomas
#21 Manuale Watkins

Pat Bradley’s White Team
#2 Adrio Bailey
#4 Daryl Macon
#5 Arlando Cook
#23 C.J. Jones
#31 Anton Beard
#33 Moses Kingsley

I guess Mike liked the way he matched up the teams for last Saturday’s open scrimmage. For the Red-White game, he just swapped the shirt colors and Bailey and Manny swapped teams.

I may have to drive up from North Little Rock Sunday. Would love to see this game.

The encouraging aspect of the rosters is that both sides have a legit PG, a shooter, a wing, two hybrid forwards with some skillz and athleticism, and a low post player. We no longer have just one or even zero options at multiple position types.

This will likely be taken the wrong way, but I am going to ask it anyway.

Do you think Bo Mattingly can be objective with how he seems to be chummy with CMA and CBB? Celebrity coaching the Red-White game. Making a reality show with CBB. Do you believe he has lost any objectivity with these endeavors? I think it would be human nature to have lost a little. This isn’t a judge of his character or his ability as a radio host, just his job as a journalist. Then again, he may not consider himself a journalist.

This matters?

I don’t think he’s objective at all, but that’s not his job. He’s a talk show host, not a reporter bound to an objective standard. He may use journalistic skills from time to time to do his job, but he’s not a journalist, per se. If you want objectivity, you need to look elsewhere, say Matt, Jimmy, Duds, Clay, Tom Murphy and Bob Holt.

I think Bo is in the entertainment business, not journalism. His show is intended to attract listeners first and foremost. There is information provided, to be sure, but a lot of it comes from Clay, DD and guests. And Being Bret Bielema is purely entertainment.

You aren’t serious are you, this is a scrimmage amoung players all on the same team

I don’t get how that plays a role in the game itself. Can you elaborate?

Absolutely no role in the game.

No. But neither does 99% of what is posted on this board. It is sports.

And Blake Eddins isn’t biased? Or isn’t he a journalist either? its sports. No journalists are unbiased esp not sports coverage. Come on. But who is better coach? Judging by their commentary, no way I can go with Blake… To be fair tho, we haven’t heard Bo try to do play by play.

Good Lord