Red-White game observations … hite-game/

Excellent analysis, Scottie. This was my first look at the team.

Joe is going to be a terrific scorer and shooter.

Harris is the point guy and distributor we have needed.

Gafford looks good. I was disappointed in that he hasn’t developed that go-to shot around the basket. That could make him a great player.

We have a lot of good, young players. It will be interesting to see who develops and the roles each play.

We look about like we were picked. It will be a struggle to get to .500 in SEC play.

yeah didn’t see the game but I wondered how hard Gafford has worked on his low post game,you would think he would have worked tirelessly on a jump hook and some post moves but I think he may be satisfied with the highlight dunks.

He has worked on it.

Didn’t need it last night.

Lots and and lots of dunks.

But I’m not sure why you think he was happy with just being a dunker.

Progress in his game brings more wins and more $$$$

How close is Phillips to returning?

Coach Anderson said last night that he hoped to have him back late October/early November

Comments: one define highlighted scrimmage game can’t effectively defines what is in a players arsenal, or what he has been working on, although one thing is for sure, he has been working on making threes

I don’t know.maybe he will develop a dependable Low post game.would love that!! just going by what I have read others say.

Oh sure I do, that bothers you?

Last season he displayed a mini jump hook, as well as a short jumper around the basket, I 'm sure we’ll see plenty of his moves old and new in the heat of the battle this season

yeah i remember him shooting a few Hooks don’t remember many going in though,I do remember him getting better around the goal as we went on .I wonder if he has put on any weight? that was his problem last yr ,got pushed around some.

Others said he was happy with just dunking?

Or that he wasn’t putting in the work?

If that is what you are saying, it is not what I am getting from him and his coaches.

Work ethic isn’t A problem that Gafford will have. He seems to be a great young man and level headed.
Maybe this season we will see a youthful hungry team that plays defense. Defense has been the major issue with the past few hogs teams. With more height on the team they are capable of anything. They may be picked 10 by the media but my opinion is 5th or better in conference.
The overall depth of this team may actually be better than last year as well. A month of growing up is what they need playing together.

In late August, Gafford told us he was around 236. Most he weighed at any point last year, he said, was 235. He added that he would like to play at 238-240 this season. And FWIW, last week in Birmingham, Mike Anderson said Gafford has added 8-10 pounds. So, a little bit all over the place, but I imagine he will play in that 238-240 range this season. That’s a good weight for him, he said.

seems like I read where CMA had to tell him at the half to get in the paint and get busy.made me think he was looking for fastbreak Dunks.would love for him to be a force inside IMO it will make a big difference.