Red-White game live updates

You can get live play by play (gotta read it) and live stats here:

StatMonitr Stat Feed.

I’m not surprised at all by Graham,all you have to do is look at his highlights and see he can play!

After looking at the stats (didn’t get to watch), I think the starting five will be:

Black - PG
Smith - SG
Council - SF
Brazile - PF
Graham - C

There’s no way to tell for sure based on today who will start. There are options and matchups that CEM will go with in each game. I just hope they find their stroke from 3.

Eric Musselman said Devo has a knee injury, but he is not worried about it whatsoever. He was held out as a precaution.

Graham was really impressive, Billy.

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Well you and I were talking about him I believe that even though he did not play well in Europe he has a chance to help us big time because He showed out all year in the pac-12 putting up almost 14 a game in conference play.

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He looked terrific today. I’m super pumped about this team.


How did we look in the half court offense?? Was there plenty of ball movement in and out? I know sometimes in the past we get stuck with a ball out front all the time… I think we have more options inside the score then we’ve had in the past so hopefully that will help us if teams try to zone us.

That’s where Graham went to work. He’s got some nifty inside moves and a really nice touch. This team is gonna block a lot of shots and get out on the break…a lot.

We haven’t had this much talent in a very long time. Council and Brazile attack the rim with bad intentions.

Kamani and the twins played well too. Not worried about the front court…at all. Bring on Duke.


Awesome it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to score in the paint…
I agree that our defense if they’re playing hard like I know we will is going to get into a lot of passing Lanes and block a lot of perimeter shots there’s so much length on this team that it’s going to be really hard to run a offense without somebody getting a hand on the ball.

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The athleticism is just astonishing, Billy. Clint McDaniel turned to me and asked who #1 was. I told him Council, and he just said damn.


LOL it will be fun to watch this team develop. I’m sure they will be a lot of mixing and matching before we finally get the magic formula… I think they’re going to be a handful once we get everything worked out.

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No doubt. Coach Richardson would have had a field day with these studs.

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I didn’t watch any of the game, but it was great to see Graham have a break out offensive game. 10 for 11 from the field is fantastic. This team will be even better than I’m expecting if he can be a double digit scorer for us. He probably will have to pick up his rebounding (2 this game) to get enough minutes from Muss.

The 2nd best thing I see from the stats is AB with 9 assists (tell him thank you Graham), 9 boards, and 4-4 free throws! He had that many assists without Nick on his team, which means it probably would have been 12-14 with him. If AB can just figure out how to make 28-30% of his 3s he’s going to be a monster for us this season.

One funny stat to see was Kamani with 7 fouls. Not funny if it had been a real game, as he wouldn’t have played 6 or 8 minutes.

The stats seem to show that Walsh improved from the Europe games. His shot was still no falling, but he had 6 boards, and best of all, only 1 TO.

Only downer in the stats was 22.5% shooting from deep. Team’s really got to work hard on those 3s the next couple of weeks.

I’m excited about this team and definitely going to attend the 1st exhibition game.

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Hope to meet you soon, Larry, but glad you got some family time this weekend. I really, really like this team.

I wouldn’t read too much into the 3 ball percentage. The strokes looked good from most who shot them, but the rims looked janky to me.

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