Red-white game in Little Rock rekindles War Memorial revival (story)... … for-war-m/

I agree that the momentum seems to be going in WMS’ direction, but the $27 million question remains. Where are they going to find the money, or will they even try? And is it worth it for one game a year?

What is going to be interesting to watch is what kind of minimum standards for competition the SEC will pass, and when. The conference’s role is one that is forgotten in regards to whether Arkansas and War Memorial continue their relationship.

True. If we can’t meet SEC standards, then we’re back to playing only cupcakes in LR and that has been a big part of the attendance issue. Or they might just say, sorry, but we have to play in a stadium that is up to standards.

I’m not certain, but I’m inclined to believe those minimum standards are meant to be for any game in which the SEC is considered the host, including nonconference games.

For conference games, the opposing SEC school must agree to play at a site that is not the home team’s primary stadium.