Red/White Game Discussion - Looks like Cook is Back

The just released rosters for Red/White game and surprisingly Arlando Cook is listed on the roster, so apparently he’s at least practicing with the team again. Another note, Garland is not listed on either team. … hite-game/

As far as the actual game, my prediction is white team is going to CRUSH the red team. Barford, Macon, Gafford, and Hall all on the white team, that’s going to be pretty nasty. Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing Jalen Harris in action.

Any chance this is streamed online?

Almost looks like it’s the starters (minus Gabe) versus the 2nd team.

Just got back from the Red/White Game. I’m sure Jimmy and Dudley will have a ton of details later, but for those that couldn’t make here’s just a little bit of what I saw from each player.

Daryl Macon - Looks like the best player on the team. He’s noticabely quicker and he can get his shot anytime he wants and can really stroke from 3 as everyone knows. Confidence level is at 110% and you can see it.

Jaylen Barford - Jaylen looks like he’s picking up where he left off last year, which is attacking the rim, and having those nifty finishes and his signature 1 handed drunk. He looked like he was pretty chill for the Red/White game, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from him once season starts.

CJ Jones - He really impressed me. He was by far the best player on the red team. His game is better in every single way. His handles are better, defense is better, he can now pump fake and attack the basket. Looks like he’s ready for a big year. Also, noticed CMA is really rooting for him. Everytime CJ would score I noticed CMA clapping for him and constantly talking to him.

Anton Beard - Anton is the same old Anton, which is he’s going to look good at times and other times you’re like what is he doing. He is noticeable slimmer, and looks quicker. He was the leader of the red team and the most vocal.

Dustin Thomas - I thought he had a solid game, he was attacking the rim more than he usually does, and he lead the break a few times, his handles looks much improved. He didn’t do anything that would wow you, but he does look improved and more comfortable out there than he did last year.

Adrio Bailey - He looks much improved and much more comfortable. He was really attacking the rim, and you can tell he’s worked on his handles and jump shot. His jump shot actually looks pretty good right now. Him and Thomas are probably going to battle all the way until the first game for the starting 4 spot.

Trey Thompson - Was probably the most disappointing. Looked like he really didn’t care too much for the Red/White game, he was just nonchalant and really didn’t do much at all. Of course he did the same thing last year when they were in Europe and ended up having a really good season, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Daniel Gafford - WOW is all I have to say. Never seen anything like him in my lifetime as a Razorback fan. 6’11, runs the floor like a guard, super athletic, great hands. First thing I thought when I left Bud Walton is here goes another off-season of us waiting it out to see if someone is going to stay or leave for the draft. Me saying anything about him won’t do him justice, you just have to see him play, he’s special, and he if stays focused and goes out there and wants to dominate, he’s going to be able to do it. I’ve seen people doing comparison for him, and I think the best I’ve seen is Willy Cauley Stein.

Darious Hall - He had a great game, he’s going to be our Manny Watkins lockdown defender type of guy. He had an amazing block on Adrio Bailey that got everyone out of their seats. His offense is still a work in progress, but he’s going to see a lot of playing time with his defensive ability and athleticism, he does a lot of things really well.

Jalen Harris - I was hoping to see more from him, he was just kinda playing the facilitator role. He reminds me a lot of Jabril Durham his first year, which is a guy that is really quick, has great handles, and good vision.

Gabe Osabouhein - He was probably the biggest surprise. I think he ended up with like 13 points. He’s not great at anything, but he’s good at everything. Looks like he can legit play both the 3 and 4 spot. RD was telling us he was a steal, and I now agree with him. He may not play much this year, but he’s going to be a solid player for us.

Also, I know we were having a discussion about who starts a while back after tonight I think the starters should be…


Those are who I honestly think are the best 5 players on the team right now.

Great write up and I agree on your starting 5. Stagger Macon and Barford to give time with the 2nd 5 of Thompson, Thomas, Hall and Beard.

A front line of Gafford and Bailey is so athletic.

I like that starting lineup a lot, it’s probably my favorite. I do also think Darious for Jones could make sense against teams with big wings.

Great recap, I agree with everything and hit on a lot of the same stuff in my piece.

On Trey, I think it was a combination of it being a glorified scrimmage for a senior and him having a lot of trouble with Gafford’s length. I think a lot of bigs will be in that position this year.

On Jalen, in both Thursday’s practice and Friday, he did some good stuff but didn’t imprint the game the way I’d like. Want to see him more aggressive hunting his own shot. The bigs have to be ready to catch those dishes in the lane. I know that’s something that frustrated Daryl and Jaylen last year.

At least for the first half of the season, the experience of Thompson and Thomas will win out over Gafford and Bailey. Plus Thomas is better equipped offensively right now than Bailey.

I’d be surprised if Beard doesn’t start and Jones comes off the bench.

I would suspect there is a staggered approach as the game gets going where at least two of Macon, Barford, Beard and Jones on the floor at most times.

There is so much versatility and athleticism on this team.

I can get on board with that idea. Fits with what we’ve seen Mike do. Actually writing about lineup options for next week.