Red smoke today?

Thank you!

True. I would not be overly disappointed if it is Drinkwitz.

I wouldn’t be too happy with the other two.

Also been a lot of speculation that certain BOT/BMB’s are giving HY backlash

Drink- I’d be disappointed that this was our “cant get this wrong” hire.

The other two, I’d be pissed.

Either way, I’ll have a lot less stress next year regarding Razorback football because I’m not making my saturdays revolve around it anymore.

Until we prove that we are committed to winning, I’m not even committing my time.

Plus, I’m 45 minutes from a team and program that actually does care about winning. Easier to watch them.

And it it is Pittman remember he didn’t recruit that well either. Missed on several lineman evaluations too.

Best friend Jim Chaney as oc again? Ugh.

Harsin drink and kiffin with Napier are all coaching today.

If Pittman or Lunney get ready for a true revolt.

That also means we know we have to pay bielema and Morris and didn’t have money here. I know you probably had to fire Morris but economically probably should’ve kept him for 1 more year

There’s no such thing as a “can’t miss” hire. Drinkwitz stikes me as a pretty good gamble. Whoever it is won’t turn our program around in a year or two. We can only hope for improvement next year & more improvement the next. If he can get to 6 or 7 wins in year 3, it’ll be a good trend.

Pittman, Lunney or Drinkwitz? We have waited a month for that? That can’t be right, can it?

The fans are going to be pissed if it is one of those 3. Razorback Stadium will be a damn ghost town.

Did we just run out of money? How did we lose Kiffin to Ole Miss? That is embarrassing. I guess we got played again by Jimmy Sexton. When will we ever learn? We should have offered and signed Kiffin the first week. No, we wanted to interview and see all the candidates. Ole Miss hired the guy in 3-4 days.

Hiring someone that will cause a loss of fan base is simply bad economics. The university certainly does not need that. You have to put people in seats, sell season tickets, suites, merchandise, etc. Could get so bad that would even lose t.v. revenue. This hire is huge economically.

You all do realize that to hire someone they have to say “yes”…

Honestly, how many of you would want this job? (Removing being a fan from the equation)

Drinkwitz was a quality control assistant at Auburn.

FWIW, I got a text about someone thats coaching today but not believing it.

Ha, that would have to be Rhule. If so, HY is the man!

Yeah, he would be.

But there’s no way a potential play off team Coach would even think about Arkansas at this moment.

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What is a realistic timeline of how all this is going to go down?

As games finish today if someone wants to visit and agents have preliminary stuff done then will occur. If you want Hardin figure he visits with Arkansas and Missouri tonight in morning.

Hawaii coach stuff goes down tonight

Drink. Stuff goes down tonight

If was Pittman would’ve been done already

Rhule? Well hy has biggest stones I have ever seen

Ou assistant such as bedenbaugh then tonight

Aranda at LSU? Tomorrow

Napier, in the morning

Nothing leaks tomorrow then everyone is regrouping

Mendenhall? Steve Sullivan at KATV is floating his name.

Experienced head coach. Will not excite fan base. Is a choir boy type. Seems to be able to coach defense

That would be an underwhelming hire, to me. But at this point it’s who’s the most underwhelming.

I’d rather roll the dice with Drink

Why is it underwhelming, because you didn’t think of it? FBS head coach for 15 years, averaging more than 8 wins a year. Two conference titles at BYU and a division title now at UVa, ranked in the top 25. Beat the crap out of the Chickens (28-0) in the Belk Bowl last year so he can beat SEC opponents. Has dealt with high admission standards which cost him players who could get admitted to schools he plays against. UVa went from 2-10 to 6-7 to 8-5 to 9-3 in his four years,.

Has little to no ties to the south, other than 1 year at La tech.

Is not a very good recruiter or known as one, just average.

He’s a solid coach, but there’s no reason to get excited about it.

Who would excite you?