Red smoke today?

I don’t believe that it’s Barry. Probably would have happened by now.

I’m reminded of HY’s tweet with the stealth fighter. Was he really on the jet traced from Boca to Nola, to etc? Maybe he left on that plane; but hopped off on one of the stops to take another flight while the tracker chased the rabbit.

Baked hopped off last night fairly early. Why?

Other posters claiming good information; leads me to believe that it’s not a “hot name” that has been tossed around on this venue.

Could it be that we finally juked the agent?


I am with you on this thread. I have a hard time believing we let Ole Miss outbid us if we really wanted LK. I am expecting a solid hire today or tomorrow. I think our AD knows what he’s doing.

It’s not Lunney

Our guy IS coaching today


Well. That would explain why LK signed on with OM. He probably knew that our job wasn’t open anymore and he wanted the next best option in the SEC,

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I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s the OC for LSU at this point. :joy:

HY should hold off on the red smoke. Just announce it and get it over with. No one is going to be excited, no need for suspense, they’ve had enough of that.

Red, white or black smoke.

While it’s hard to know what’s really happening,

It appears a fire of some kind for sure at this point.

Yes it might be coming out of hog nation’s ears.

What is a realistic timeline of how all this is going to go down?

Bill Clark

I think you’re right. If it were Lunney, they’d have already announced it.

Will u PM me pleaase.??? I don’t even know how…


I don’t think it’s coming out of our ears.:laughing:

More like black smoke. We have a bad motor!

How sure are you that it’s Pittman? % wise??

Not enough to guarantee.

Last night someone with very good info said it was Lunney, Drinkwitz, or Pittman.

RD has said he was told SEC experience played a big factor. That eliminates Drinkwitz.

If it’s Lunney 1. He’d already be named 2. They wouldn’t have let it out to the media that he (Lunney) could stay if he wants to. Wouldn’t say that about the next HC.

Also, since it’s not been announced you have to assume the individual is still coaching today.

So, if those are the three names, process of elimination means it’s Pittman

I’m hoping that HogWild is correct and a name no one knows pops up.

Drink was QC for Auburn during their national championship year.

Yeah, but is QC enough “experience”

Not to me. But just throwing it out there.

Hey, at the very least, he’s seen what the highest level of football in the SEC looks like… (and how to recruit those players)