Red Shirt Question

Does anyone know why Gunter was not red-shirted this season?
He made little contribution. They already had a group of untested, unproven TE’s, along with a potential All-SEC tight end who wasn’t, but still was easily a top player.
It just seems like a waste to me. If you blow the season the kid should play a lot I think. I just wonder if any of the insiders know the story behind this?

Kind of like how Drew Morgan’s freshman year was wasted. 0 catches for 0 yards. I wish Drew had the opportunity to come back and redeem himself for such an awful Belk Bowl.

Grayson didn’t redshirt because he was needed on special teams. He started all 13 games there. If he was only needed on offense he probably would have been redshirted. He wasn’t ready to contribute there until late in the season.

He played all year. That’s not wasting a year. He was trusted on special teams. Others were not.

Thanks Matt. That is good to know. He looks like a good receiver in his high school video.