Red River

Thought I would watch a little this, but then the dilemma. Which of the two scums do I want to see lose the most. A tie would be best. When we played texass it helped us for them to win. Now it is a good day when either lose. Oh well, maybe they will kill each other.

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I’ve always pulled for UT over OU. At least UT runs a clean program.

I’d much rather UT lose every game they play

I always hope for a tornado and a cancelled game.


Definitely not ut!

They live in their bubble of arrogance & the belief that they are entitled.

They hated Arkansas during SWC days so never miss an opportunity to reciprocate.

Nothing is sweeter than wearing my UA gear around the Tulsa area after an OU loss.

Hook 'em!

I don’t waste my time watching either of these teams.

Same here

Boomer Sooner. The good guys won yesterday.

Not sure OU are the good guys but anytime they beat (spit) Texass…I will be happy.

I can never root for Texass! Too arrogant and entitled for me and always have been

It’s always a dilemma for me. Hate ‘em both. Fortunately, that whole conference looks like crap right now.

Just be thankful we are not a part of the dysfunctional Big 12 where ut dictates the rules & flow of money. After 2025 who knows what teams will remain in that conference?

This applies to BOTH teams in the Red River Rivalry:

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It’s like watching a war between the Taliban and ISIS…

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